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Quilting Deals Every Day
Quilting Deals Every Day

Today's Deal 83% off

Ansonia Pink & Chocolate Charm Pack

By Denyse Schmidt for Free Spirit Fabrics


Other Guys Price: $10.00

If It’s Not Chocolate, It’s Not Worth It!
Spelling is just not everyone’s strong suit, which is why everyday people go online and search for “bathroom sweets.” No, they’re not looking for a treat to take to the washroom with them, they’re really looking for bathroom suites, meaning a set of tub, sink and toilet. But wherever there is a Google search there is a website, which is why got together with a chocolate company to create a bathroom suite that is also sweet, specifically, a tub, toilet, sink, and bidet made entirely of chocolate.

Ok, let’s skip the obvious commentary about how gross/weird/strangely enticing this is and get straight to the part where I tell you that a four-piece bathroom suite/sweet of chocolate contains 9.4 million calories - just over a decade’s worth of the recommended daily amount! Between that and the fact that it also costs $130,000, I just don’t think I’ll be getting a solid-chocolate bathroom set anytime soon. (Unless the bidet sprays chocolate milk… ok, nevermind, that’s even worse!)

Just think of all the truffles that could have been made with the chocolate wasted on the toilet alone! All in all I feel kind of let-down that something made of so much chocolate can be so un-delicious. I feel a chocolate emergency coming on... Time for a Lindor and today’s rich and lovely precut. It’s not actually made of chocolate of course, but it’s delightful either way!

Each Ansonia Pink & Chocolate Charm Pack by Free Spirit Fabrics contains 42 5" squares of fabric. Each print is tripled.

So, in summary, the deal for today is a Ansonia Pink & Chocolate Charm Pack by Denyse Schmidt for Free Spirit Fabrics for only $1.75 - that's 83% OFF!

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