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Quilting Deals Every Day
Quilting Deals Every Day

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I've been thinking about gratitude lately. There are so many wonderful things in my life that I just don’t stop to appreciate often enough. I tease him, but The Hubs really is quite a catch. I moan about them, but my kids make me proud every day. And I complain about the weather (a lot) but summer is finally on its way. Plus, chocolate exists, so that pretty much says it all!

And you guys. I have to say, I really am grateful for all of you who read my stories, contribute your own stories, and of course, support the Shop. Without you I couldn't have my dream job of talking about quilting every day of my life!

So I've decided that you, my quilting friends, deserve something extra special as a token of my appreciation. I went through my pockets, but all I found was 35 cents and a mint. Anybody want a mint? I didn't think so. I checked the fridge, but all I found was the plate that last night's chocolate cake used to be on. (I know, you shouldn't put an empty plate back in the fridge. But that's hard to remember at 2:00 in the morning when you're trolling for sugar!)

You could come over and watch Downton Abbey with me tonight (I'm still catching up) and I'd make you a little chocolate mug cake to make up for the one I polished off already, but my house is a mess and I have a hunch you wouldn't all fit.

So I finally figured it out, what I could offer you to say thanks for being the best. Anything you could possibly wish for delivered for free! You've got your eye on a fresh charm pack? Bam! Free shipping. Need a new pair of scissors ? Wham! Free shipping! Ready to go whole hog with a ready-made quilt kit? Kablam-o! Free Shipping!

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