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With thousands of bolts of quilting yardage, you're bound to find the perfect fabric for quilting here at Missouri Star. Use the filters to shop quilting fabric by the yard in a wide assortment of colors and themes from your favorite brands & designers!    read more

some of our favorite quilting fabric collections

Fabric by the Yard (FBY)

Whether you're a seasoned quilter or just getting started, our online fabric store caters to all your quilting and sewing needs. We understand that quilting is not merely a pastime but a cherished tradition that fosters creativity and connection. That's why we take pride in offering more than just fabric for quilting; at Missouri Star, we provide a gateway to inspiration, education, and community.

Our meticulously handpicked selection of quilting yardage offers you the best variety possible, from cotton quilting fabric by the yard to quilt fabric blends such as linen or chambray. With our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we aim to be your go-to destination for all your quilting endeavors.

Discover the joy of quilting anew with our unparalleled selection of quilting fabric online!

Cotton Fabric for Quilting

Why buy cheap quilting fabrics by the yard when you can find high-quality quilting fabrics that will stand the test of time? Most of our quilting material can be purchased for just under $12 per yard, but if you're on a budget, you can shop quilters fabric on sale to find bargains galore on beautiful sewing fabrics.

Get inspired to create something amazing with our huge selection of cotton quilting fabric online in every color, style, and theme as you shop from the comfort of your home. There's no better place to buy quilters fabric online: we have thousands of yards of high-quality quilt yardage and more, right here for your browsing pleasure. Use the filters to narrow down the results to find the exact quilt fabric by the yard that your heart desires - you can browse quilt fabrics by color, designer, theme, and material to make buying cotton fabric online oh-so-easy!

High Quality Quilting Fabric by the Yard

You might be wondering if the quality of the quilting fabrics you choose matters. Think of it this way: you've spent hours meticulously planning your quilt design, carefully selecting colors and patterns to evoke a specific mood or theme. Now, imagine if the quilting fabrics you choose lack the resilience to withstand countless washes or the vibrancy to maintain their hue over time. The result? Your masterpiece may fade, fray, or lose its luster far sooner than you'd like.

But fear not! By prioritizing quality in your quilting material choices, you ensure that your quilts not only endure but thrive for generations to come. Opting for quilting cloth crafted from superior materials and constructed with precision means investing in the longevity and integrity of your work.

Premium quilting fabrics offer a tactile delight that enhances the quilting experience itself, and it all starts with a higher thread count - above 60 threads per square inch. These high-quality quilt fabrics are also printed with better colorfast inks and they also shrink less in the wash. You can feel the difference in the hand, that’s the smoothness of the fabric. Low-quality fabric for quilting feels bumpy and stiff, whereas quilt fabrics of better quality will feel smooth and silky to the touch, and are a pleasure to sew.

When you're buying quilting fabric online, it's difficult to know for sure whether or not you are getting quality cloth by the yard, which is why Missouri Star only sells the highest quality quilt fabrics by the yard. All of the quilt yardage we sell is different from regular cotton fabric and here’s why: when you purchase quilt fabric by the yard from a chain store, you’re buying a lower grade of fabric. The cost difference reflects the quality of the quilt fabric yardage.

As you can imagine, better-quality fabric for quilting will endure multiple washes and years of use much better than lower quality fabrics. Premium quilting fabric is beautifully durable and worth every penny! So when you're ready to buy fabric for your next quilting project, don't skimp on quality.

Other Types of Cloth By the Yard

But there’s more. Beyond quilting cloth, we also carry snuggly minky and cuddle fabric by the yard and warm, soft flannel fabric for sale by the yard, too. They’re both perfect for baby quilts, quilt backing, quilts for the cooler months, and anything else you can think of!

And if you would like to expand your horizons beyond sewing quilts, we have even more specialty cloth by the yard in denim, canvas, fleece and more! Explore new sewing projects to keep you inspired - we have all the "by the yard" fabric you need to get the job done.

Ready to get REALLY adventurous? You may be interested in fabric yardage for making a variety of useful projects, from home decor to beautiful purses and bags! Check out our selection of crafting vinyl, faux leather, cork fabric, and Kraft-Tex paper fabric for sale to create unique projects that are useful, too!

Use the filters to find the exact fabric yardage you're looking for, from quilting cotton to minky & beyond. Have fun creating with our extensive fabric by the yard collections and whatever you make, make it your own!