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Jelly roll quilts are fun to make for quilters of all skill levels! Jelly Roll fabrics are a curated bundle of coordinating fabrics cut into 2.5" quilting strips. Use the filters to shop our wide selection of jelly roll quilt fabrics in every color, theme & style from top fabric designers. Jelly rolls are how we roll!   read more

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2.5" Strips (Jelly Rolls)

When you’re ready to get on a roll, purchase quilting jelly roll fabrics to make sewing up a cute strip quilt a snap! Like its fellow precuts, jelly roll fabric saves you so much cutting time, and it’s fun to work with! Of course, you can make your own 2.5” jelly roll quilt strips, but using precut strips truly will save you cutting time—and sanity!

What is a Jelly Roll?

Sometimes people write jellyroll fabric with "jelly roll" as one word, but traditonally it is written as two separate words: jelly rolls! In addition to the sweet treat we all know and love, jelly rolls fabric is a favorite among quilters. Put simply, quilting jelly rolls are 2.5” fabric strips which come in an array of colors and prints. Depending on the manufacturer, jelly roll fabric packs include anywhere between 40 and 42 strips, totaling about 2.75 yards of fabric. These quilting fabric strips are typically rolled up and secured, hence the name "Jelly Roll." As you probably guessed, they're perfect for making beautiful jelly roll quilts!

Similar to other kinds of quilting precuts, jelly roll fabric saves you so much cutting time, and comes in various designs, colors, and patterns. You can buy jelly roll fabric bundles which often include fabric strips from a specific fabric line or collection, ensuring a cohesive and coordinated look for your quilting project.

The pre-cut nature of quilting 2.5" strips saves time and effort in cutting fabric, making them ideal for both beginners and experienced quilters. They allow you to jump right into your project - plus, solid color jelly rolls are perfect for sashing and binding. Of course, you can make your own 2.5” jelly roll quilt strips, but when you purchase jelly rolls in precut strips, you will truly save time—and sanity!

Jelly Rolls For Quilting

New to working with jelly roll fabrics for quilting? Download our free PDF guide to precut fabric, then shop our wide selection of 2.5" quilting strips when you're ready purchase jelly roll fabrics for your next project. 

Where Can I Buy Quilting Jelly Rolls?

Missouri Star is always adding the latest jelly roll fabrics to our online store, making it easy to purchase jelly rolls from the comfort of your own home! You can also buy jelly rolls from any of our 13 themed quilt shops located in Hamilton, MO - also known as Quilt Town USA!

Most fabric manufacturers make jelly roll quilting fabric along with other precuts, so whether you want floral jellyroll quilt fabric strips, batik jelly rolls, or have specific brand of 2.5 inch fabric strips in mind such as Moda jelly rolls, you’re sure to find exactly what you want in our wide selection of jelly roll fabrics.

Jelly Roll Fabric Projects

Jelly roll fabric packs can be used for various popular quilting patterns, including log cabin, rail fence, and many others. But Jjelly roll quilting isn't just limited to sewing quilts - they also work well for other craft projects like rugs, placemats, scarves, bags, and more, all of which can be made with 2.5inch jelly roll strips. Jelly rolls and precuts in general are extremely versatile, allowing you to dive into projects faster because you don't have to take the time to cut yardage into the size and shape you need.

When you buy quilting jelly rolls, you might be wondering how many you need for your project. Although the answer depends on the size of the project you plan to make, there are many wonderful things to make with just 1 package of jelly roll fabric strips, including a lap- or twin-size quilt. And if you need to go bigger, two rolls of jelly roll fabrics will give you a nice queen-size quilt.

So, if you’re ready to get “rolling” on your next - or first! - jelly roll quilt, browse our collection of jelly roll quilt tutorials and then take a look through our huge selection of quilting 2.5” strips and purchase jelly rolls to get started! Whether you visit our shops in Hamilton, MO or shop online, you can buy jelly rolls in just about every color or theme you can think of: Christmas jelly roll fabric, batik jelly roll fabric, solid color jelly rolls, and so much more.

If you need even more ideas of what you can make with a Jelly Roll, check out our Jelly Roll quilting tutorial collection here, and be inspired to create an amazing quilting project with your new Jelly Roll collection!

Now that you know more about jelly rolls fabric and where to buy quilting 2.5" strips, watch this fun jellyroll quilt tutorial with Jenny as she demonstrates how to make a quick and easy quilt using jelly roll 2.5" strips.


We think you’ll be amazed at what you can create with quilting 2.5" strips. Quilting jelly rolls are where it's at!