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If you’re looking to create a plush minky quilt, soft stuffed animals, or a snuggly cuddle luxe fabric baby blanket, you’re in luck! Browse our selection of cuddle minky fabric in a variety of colors and cuddly fabrics including, cuddle luxe, solids, faux fur, plush minky fabric, and embossed dimple designs from Shannon Fabrics. Learn ... read more

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Minky Fabric

Surround yourself with cuddly fabrics when you sew with minky fabric. This luxuriously cuddly fabric is relatively new to the sewing world and now we can’t live without it!

Quilting minky fabric has an ultra-soft hand and is absolutely smooth to the touch. Created from 100% polyester, plush minky fabric is durable, yet supple and velvety—perfect for quilt backing. You have to touch it to believe it! Stop wondering where to buy minky fabric and peruse our lovely selection of cuddle fabric & minky fabric by the yard right here.

Below, we answer some of our most frequently asked questions about minky plush fabrics.

What is minky fabric?

The term minky refers to any plush microfiber fabric made from 100% polyester fibers. You may hear it called a variety of names, ranging from minky material to minky cuddle fabric to cuddle minky and all variations in between. There are many minky fabric colors, prints, and textures available in today's market.

What is the difference between Minky Fabric and Cuddle Fabric?

Cuddle is the brand name of minky fabric by Shannon fabrics and it’s our favorite for a reason! While you may find minky fabric for sale that isn’t made by Shannon, the truth is, Shannon Cuddle fabric is the highest quality minky fabric around.

Where can I buy minky fabric?

Missouri Star is proud to be the largest online supplier of quality cuddle minky fabric! We have hundreds of colors & types to choose from, including extra wide minky, cuddle minky kits, silky minky, and more!

Is there more than one kind of minky fabric?

There are also many types of minky fabric—we carry a wide range of soft minky fabric online in vibrant colors, embossed textures, fun prints, and the ever-popular minky dot fabric—some types of printed minky fabric even have a touch of sparkle!

Is minky material the same as fleece?

No, minky fabric is not created in the same way as fleece. Soft minky fabric is made from ultrafine microfiber thread that is knitted together to create a higher loft and a softer drape than fleece. All you have to do is compare the two and you’ll be astounded at the difference.

How do you work with minky material?

Once you have some beautiful minky fabric by the yard, check out our tips on how to sew minky fabric! Follow along with Misty as she creates a quick Shannon Cuddle Luxe Throw in the video above, and learn all about marvelous soft and minky fabrics. But here are two quick tips to keep in mind, because minky material is technically a knit fabric: you’ll want to use a knit stretch needle and a walking foot to avoid slipping and sliding!

Click here to download Cuddle 101: Tips for Sewing with Cuddle Fabric.

How do I make a minky baby blanket?

We have many cute minky baby blanket kits to choose from, or you can pick your favorite minky fabrics to sew a simple self-binding minky baby blanket using the tutorial below!

Is minky cuddle fabric washable?

When you’re all finished with your project, it’s important to know how to care for it. Don't worry: minky cloth is absolutely easy to care for! Be sure to wash your quilting minky fabric in cold water on a delicate cycle and tumble dry low or hang to dry to preserve its lush texture.

So, what are you waiting for?! Explore the wonderful world of plush minky fabrics and create something anyone would want to snuggle up with!