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Made your home a modern oasis with the latest designer contemporary fabric. Modern fabrics are all about cool geometric designs, basics in bold colors, and contemporary fabric with unique prints. They make any contemporary quilt pattern feel brand new! Pick up your favorite modern fabric to make your next project pop right here.   read more

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At its simplest, a quilt is a blanket. But a quilt can also be a work of art. From the earliest times, scraps of cloth – either leftover from sewing new clothes or salvaged from worn clothing – were cut into shapes and sewn together to become something whole and beautiful as a quilt top.

Nowadays, many quilters prefer to use designer fabrics for their quilt tops. With the growing need, fabric designers have come up with a never-ending array of colorways and motifs. And quilters have found endless ways to express themselves in the arrangement of colorful pieces of fabric. If you're one of the quilters who are particularly fond of modern fabrics and contemporary quilt designs, you're in luck! Missouri Star is your ultimate destination to fulfill your passion.

Modern quilting means many things to many people, but when it comes to modern fabric, you can expect bold colors, abstract motifs, and innovative designs. Here you’ll find the latest modern contemporary fabric collections from designers like Jason Yenter, Laura Heine, and Tula Pink - just to name a few!

Shop modern fabric by the yard in bold, graphic prints with geometric shapes, abstract patterns, or minimalist motifs. We also offer modern fabric precuts in many designer collections! When you are searching for contemporary fabric patterns with clean lines and vibrant colors, our selection of modern fabrics should be your first stop!

From abstract modern fabric prints to crisp black-and-white designs to low-volume prints, you’ll find a wide range of modern fabric patterns to create your contemporary masterpiece. 

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We offer a fantastic collection of quilt patterns that have a modern touch, which includes many designs from Missouri Star. One of our top picks is Seeing Spots, a modern jelly roll quilt pattern that you can learn to make by watching Jenny's tutorial below!

We hope you enjoy browsing through our selection of quilt patterns, contemporary fabric precuts, and modern fabric by the yard available at Missouri Star. We hope our selection of modern fabrics inspires you to experiment with new techniques and push the boundaries of traditional quilting. We can’t wait to see what you create!