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Frequently Asked Questions

My Ruler is Blue / Gray / Brown and doesn't look the same as yours, is that right?

Believe it or not, we get this question a lot. The answer is no, it should not be that funky color. Let's fix it! On the back of the Binding Tool by Sue Brown or on our templates, there is a protective backing. Just pick at a corner and it should peel off. It's like a whole new world when it does! :) If the backing doesn't come off easily, let it soak for a little bit in some soapy water and then give it another shot.

Where can I view the tutorials?

The tutorials are in a few places. Here is where you can view them:


    This is the site where we post tutorials. We put them here along with a few more links and downloadable patterns. If you are looking for the pattern, you'll find it here.

  • Quilting Tutorials App

    We've got a great little app for iPhones that will notify you when we have new content and allow you to watch the tutorials in our library. Just grab the app and watch away. It’s a quick and easy way to see all things MSQC.


    This is our YouTube channel. If you want to see everything, all the tutorials are here. Have fun perusing all our videos from start to finish. There’s plenty to watch!

How can I reset my password?

There are two places where your account may need help: 1) In the Quilt Shop on the main site or 2) In the Forums. Both are explained below.

  • Reset your password for the MSQC Shop Site

    To reset your password for the MSQC shop, just click the link HERE and put in your email address. We’ll email you another link to click. When you click on that link, you can reset your password to whatever you'd like. Pretty easy, right?!

  • Reset your password for the MSQC Forums

    To reset your MSQC forum password, just click the link HERE and fill in the form. It will ask for your email address and then the answer an easy question like “the Missouri Star Quilt Co is located in Which State?” (Hint: Missouri :) Then we'll send you a reset link to get your password fixed. Let us know if you have any trouble!

What happens to my order after I submit it?

Well, let me tell you what happens! Once you submit your order, it waits to get printed. We print orders about all throughout the day, so it doesn’t take long before you’re off to the races! Orders of fabric by the yard are sent over to the Quilt Shops on Main Street. Then we have our employees gather up the fabric bolts and cut it by hand—and they don't waste any time! They hunt through racks of fabric with catlike prowess and haul everything back to the cutting table. Once they’ve deftly cut and folded the fabric, the yardage orders are sent back to the shipping department in beautiful, neat packages, ready to go! Here, the remainder of your order is swiftly picked from the shelves. Our shipping ninjas double check your order one last time to make sure everything is just right! We also write you a quick note to let you know we love you (‘cause we do!). Everything is packed with care, taped securely, labeled for the shipping provider, and placed into a large mailbag. The Mail Carrier comes twice a day to pick up our packages and UPS comes at the end of the day. It's a pretty amazing system when you see it happen!

I want to make a change to my order, what can I do?

Because things ship out so quickly, there's usually not much that can be done, but we’ll try our best! Shoot us an email or give us a call and we’re happy to help. In most cases we'll wait for you to receive your order, then you can return it or adjust it as needed.

I want to add to my order after I've submitted it, what can I do?

Most of the time we ship things out too quickly to make adjustments. If you have a special situation or something we should be aware of, we are people, not robots, and we'll do our best to help you. Just call or email us and let us know how we can help.

Can I save daily deals in my cart and have them ship at the end of the week?

We get this one a lot too, and it's actually a lot more complex than you'd think. Our system isn’t built to handle saving orders and combining them together yet; we just don't have the technology, but it would be cool! Who knows, someday things might change, but for now, the Daily Deal will probably keep being daily for a long time. ;)

Can I buy multiple daily deals?

Nope. Sorry about that! You can add more items to your cart though, however, they'll be regular price.

I don't have my order yet, what can I do?

If you haven't received your order yet, there may be a few things at play. If you are wondering about it at any time, feel free to send an email, we are here to help. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If the order has shipped, there isn't much we can do. Follow along with the tracking info. What you see is what we see. Normally, mail gets to you quickly—we happen to be in the best possible place for national shipping! It’s about 2 day service all across America! But sometimes the package gets caught in a roller somewhere in Minnetonka, Wisconsin and no one knows why it's sitting there. It will get out eventually, but it might take a few days so please be patient with us while we all wait for it to get a move on.
  • If your order is paid or fulfilled, and it's been a few days with no word from us, drop us a note, we can explain. Sometimes a product is in shipment to us and we'll hold your order for a day or two so we can ship everything together. Sometimes we're playing hide and seek with your yardage and it took an extra day to find it. If you're worried, email or call us! We may have been trying to get in touch with YOU so it might just do the trick! :)

I have a problem with the site, who can I tell?

Tell US! We want to know if you have a problem, suggestion, critique, idea, etc. Email us and put "Attention Al / BillNye" in the subject. He'll get right on it! We couldn't make this site great without all our bug testers out there, so if you find a bug, let us know! :)

I am a shop that wants to carry your products, do you wholesale?

Absolutely! We have exclusive MSQC Templates featured in our tutorials, patterns, Block Magazine, and much more! For more information visit the MSQC Wholesale Department!