What is it that makes Christmas gifts made on a sewing machine so special? It’s the fact that they can be enjoyed over and over again! If you start scrolling now, you can get a head start on finding wonderful projects that can be turned into timeless Christmas gifts you and your loved ones can enjoy for years to come.

Projects to Pass Down

These Christmas patterns are some of our favorites, and we think they’ll be yours too! Jolly designs and lovely holiday themes, these projects are perfect for everlasting family gifts, and we want to help you make them. Once you’ve chosen a project, just click the pattern and we’ll show you some beautiful coordinating fabrics, how much yardage you’ll need, and any other supplies needed to make your special Christmas gift.


Jenny and the whole Missouri Star team want to make sure you're inspired this holiday season, so take a look at our Christmas tutorials and see what projects you'd like to turn into wonderful Christmas gifts for your loved ones!
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