Are you finally ready to finish your beautifully pieced quilt top? Learn how to add just the right finishing touch to your projects with Natalie Earnheart of Missouri Star Quilt Co. Answering real questions from real quilters, Natalie breaks down directions like “quilt and bind as desired” into bite-sized lessons to help you complete your quilts. Along the way, you’ll also learn plenty of easy tips and tricks to make finishing your projects a pleasure instead of a pain. She’ll teach you everything from sandwiching your quilt with just the right batting and backing to taking the final stitch!

How to: Make and Attach a Quilt Label

What do you write on a label? How do you write on a label? How do you attach a label to a quilt you're finishing? What if it's been finished already? You've asked so many great labeling questions and Natalie is ready to tackle a few as she shows three ways to label your quilts.

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