Lakeview Terrace Quilt Tutorial

Jenny Doan

Lakeview Terrace Quilt Tutorial

Quilt Size: 83" x 95"
Time: 10:11
Jenny demonstrates how to make a beautiful zigzag jelly roll quilt using 2.5 inch strips of precut fabric. For this project, Jenny chose the Saguaro collection by Christina Cameli for Maywood Studio. This quilt is based on on old Missouri Star favorite, Diamond Terrace. The layout creates the look of a bargello or chevron quilt, and it's just a beauty!

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video transcript

Hi everybody, it’s Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. And I have a fun project for you today. Look at this quilt. Isn’t this great? I love the way the colors came in this roll. It just is like a sunset over the lake. We’re calling it Lakeview Terrace. So to make the Lakeview Terrace quilt you’re going to need one roll of 2 ½ inch strips and we have used this Saguaro Line by Christina Camelli from Maywood. You’re going to need four yards of a background and this includes your inner border. You’re going to need 1 ½ yards for your outer border. And for your backing you’re going to need 8 ¾ yards of vertical seams or three yards of a 108 fabric.

So this quilt is based on a former tutorial I did called Diamond Terrace. And this is the block right here. We put it together and it formed this cool diamond, same block, different layout. So what we’re doing now is we’re going to turn this one and we’re going to have one that goes down and one that goes up like this. And what it does is it gives it this cool look like a bargello that goes through or a chevron or something where it’s just kind of stacked on top of each other. Really cool layout so let me show you how to make this.

So all of our colored pieces, all of our print pieces are cut into four inch pieces. So what I do is I grab my strip like this. I’m going to fold it in half so I will trim off my selvedge and my fold at the same time. And I’m going to get four cuts out of every, every time I run my rotary cutter across this, I’m going to get four pieces cut. So I’m going to lay it like this and I’m going to look and make sure that it’s on the four, oops and we’re going to cut four inches right there. We’re going to do it again and then you’re just going to open this piece up right here and we’re going to cut. It’ll be two more because it’s just folded in half once. So then what you have is four and four is eight plus two more, ten blocks. Now each one of these blocks right here has five pieces in it. And so this will make two blocks but you’re going to want to scrap them up. That’s the fun part of this. Alright so now with our background fabric what we’re going to do is we’re going to take our background and we’re going to cut 4 ½ inch pieces and 2 ½ inch pieces. And so again I’m going to take my strip like this. And you know I like to fold things up. I feel like I just feel like it’s so much less work when I’m cutting more pieces. So you can see from this block right here that I have one, two, three pieces that are 4 ½ and I have one, two, three, four pieces that are 2 ½ and so what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and make this cut right here. And I’m going to cut four 2 ½ pieces because that’s what I need for a block. And in the pattern it will tell you how many strips you need to cut your two halves and all that. And then I’m going to cut four 4 ½ and of course when I’m making the whole quilt I’m going to go ahead and cut the whole thing. But I just want to show you this block so that you can make it and it’ll be great.

Alright, so now what we’re going to do is again all of our print pieces are four inches so I’m just going to kind of grab some of these that are mixed up over here. And I’m going to make this pretty purple block right here so I’m going to grab four of these like this, different ones, all different. You can see this is such a pretty line of fabric. Alright so there’s our four or we need five actually. Alright, there we go, five pieces of color right here. And then let’s look at this block again. We have three pieces. They’re the exact same four inches sewn to a 4 ½. And then our same four inches and these are all sewn to a 2 ½ on either side so let’s go ahead and do some. Four inches on these. So we’re going to take three of these and we’re going to grab our four inch pieces and we’re going to come to the sewing machine so remember the background is 4 ½  and the print is four. And so we’re just going to sew down and I’m just going to add another one. We’re going to chain piece through these and peel these apart. Here we go. And then one more here and then our other two pieces. We are going to put again, these are four inches. We’re going to put a 2 ½ on both sides. So I’m going to go ahead and put this one on here like this. And I’m just going to leave them just hooked together for now and then I’ll clip them apart in a minute. Now I’m going to pull these out and take these off of here and sew a 2 ½  on the other side so both sides of this four inch piece, they get two 2 ½ sewn on it. Oh and take a look at this. If you can see this, see how these are the little selvedge dots right here and I’ve missed those but I’m going to be able to catch those in the quarter inch seams so I’m not worried about that at all. And then one more on this one. Alright now let’s clip these apart. And we will press them open. I’ll get all my little pieces here. There we go.

Alright so let’s go ahead and press these open. I’m keeping, I’m pressing to the dark side so my darker color is on the top. When you’re working with a light background like this it’s a great idea to always remember to press to the dark side because if I pressed to the light, that seam would show through. And so, well, you know, while it doesn’t always matter just watch it, you know, just have it stick that in there so you’re looking at it, thinking about it. I remember one time I was quilting a quilt and it had a, it had some of the seams that showed the color showed through on the other side and I was just like Ah, you know, all right. So let me show you how easy this is to put together.

So that was really fast. We sewed that really quickly. We cut really quickly. We’re actually making the whole block so we’re going to  put our two pieces right here and then when you go to put these together this, it’s just a matter of flipping these up and down. So the first one we’re going to start down like this. Then we’re going to put a two piece right here. Then this one is going to be up. Then we’ll put our two piece here and this one is going to be down. And then what you want to look at on this is you want to look at your color placement. You know, do you have it all right the way you want to do it, you know, does it look good. And then we’re just going to sew these rows together. And so let me go ahead and stitch these. 

And because these pieces are all the same size there’s literally nothing to line up because they’re staggering. We’ve staggered them on the block. So we’re going to sew this one. I’m going to open it up and I’ll put the next one here. And then one with the little, the two on either end. And then one more. And the way to remember this is if this one is up then the last one is up too. So it’s however you lay them out, I mean the block, you can flip either way. It won’t matter so you’re not going to get those wrong as long as you stagger them, you know, next to each other. Alright so let’s press this. Ok, so now you have this cool little block. 

Now the whole thing is in the setting so let me move these out of the way a little bit so I can show you how we set this. Super easy, we’re going to put this one here and then this one we’re going to turn it once and put it like that. And then this one up and so it’s just up, over, up, over, up, over and what it does, at the end of the day, is it makes, it makes these cool things. It catches on, on the next row and does this whole chevron bargello kind of thing that’s really cool. Really cool. I love it. Alright so we’ve got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, by one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11. Seven by 11 so it makes a great big size quilt. It’s 83 by 95. And then I put, once I get all your blocks on you’re going to do a 2 ½ inch border out here, first border. Second border is a nice big five inch border. Let’s take a look at the back. Isn’t this gorgeous fabric. Now this quilt pattern is really fun on here too because it’s called Water and since it’s like a sunset over the lake, you know, Water worked for us. So we hope you enjoyed this tutorial on the Lakeview Terrace from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. 

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