Quilt Fabric Blenders: find out how blender fabrics bring it all together!


Got a fender blender? Just can’t seem to find the right coordinate to bring all the colors and patterns in your quilt together? That’s a problem our beautiful selection of blender fabrics can solve! From the mottled colors of Grunge to the modest patterns of Wilmington Essentials, you will have more than enough to pick from to find that perfect blender fabric.




Textured tonals are a unique and fun alternative to solids! These fabrics are basic and beautiful like solids, but mottled with extra color that gives your quilt a lovely textured look.

Patterns, Please!

Patterned tonals are perfect for replacing a plain solid for a fabric with more movement and color. Discover the difference leaves fading into a tonal background or scrolls swirling all about can make for your quilt!