BLOCK Magazine by Missouri Star Quilt Co.

BLOCK Magazine is the trusted source of inspiration for your sewing room, made by quilters for quilters! In every issue you’ll find:

10+ Quilt Patterns

Step by step instructions of how to create beautiful quilts, plus bonus projects such as wall hangings, table runners, and more!

Tips and Tricks

Discover educational articles to help you improve your sewing skills and learn new techniques!

Jenny's Journal

A behind the scenes look into Jenny Doan's studio and her latest projects!

Stories for the Quilter's Soul

Soul touching stories from us and our readers that will make you laugh, cry, and feel inspired!

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Digital Block—Instant Online Inspiration
When you’re looking for quilting inspiration, and you need it now, digital BLOCK is here for you! We’ve taken everything you love about BLOCK and created an online magazine with updated features including:

Instant Access

Receive digital BLOCK the moment it comes out

Bonus Content

Discover exclusive projects in the digital issue

Free Tutorials

Click on a project and stitch along with the online tutorial

Read Anywhere

Take BLOCK on the go with your phone, tablet, or computer



"Hello from Canada. I love reading your magazine like a story book. Now you have actually added a mystery story. I attempt at least one block from each issue. Lots of great ideas. Keep up the enthusiastic work."
-Regina S.

"I have been in love with BLOCK since it's first issue. It inspires me, provides details I missed on the video, allows me to try to modify the quilts to my needs and fabrics. No ads...which is a good thing also."
-Gary R.

"I love my BLOCK Magazine and look forward to receiving it in the mail. I am just a bit giddy when I open the box and it is there. I immediately go through the magazine and mark the quilts I want to make... You can imagine I have lots of to-do quilts waiting for me. Thank you for a truly inspiring magazine."
-Mona T.





What is the cost of a BLOCK Subscription? ➤ Single issue for U.S. customers is only $7.99 or $47.94 for an annual subscription (six issues).
Canadian customers may purchase single issues for $9.99 USD or $59.94 USD the subscription.
Plus, there's no additional shipping charge when you subscribe!

How can I update my mailing address for a subscription? ➤

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How can I update my payment method on a subscription? ➤

  1. Log onto your account under

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  6. Once your new payment method has been added you can remove your old payment method under “Your saved Payment Methods”
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How do I access a digital download of BLOCK? ➤ There are two ways you can access your digital issues. One is by logging into your MSQC account and going to “My Account” and then clicking on “Your Digital Downloads”. The second you can view your digital downloads on our “BLOCK by MSQC” app. You can find that in your app store. Please make sure you are logged into your MSQC account on the app. Then you will be able to view your digital downloads.

When will I recieve my copy of BLOCK Magazine? ➤ BLOCK is published bi-monthly, in February, April, June, August, October, and December. During those months you’ll be billed at the beginning of the month and that issue will be sent to you by the end of the month.

If you subscribe after the billing date, the first issue you will receive will be the following bi-monthly issue. Subscribers are charged every other month or you can choose the option of being billed once a year.

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