Majestic 10" Stackers
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Mark My Words...

I have a friend who tends to make up words. Flustrated, monumentous, degradatated.. they’re all very nearly words, but not quite. His creative vocabulary always makes me smile, but I guess I shouldn’t poke too much fun. Shakespeare himself made up loads of words, but in his case, they often actually stuck. It’s true, Shakepspeare made up tons of the words that we all use today. Before he wrote his plays 400 years ago, we didn’t have such common words as laughable, zany, generous, and rant. It’s a lucky thing for us all that Shakespeare played it so fast and loose with his word choice, especially because without his word “majestic,” we would be left without the perfect word for today’s gorgeous line!

Majestic 10” Stackers contains 42 10" squares of fabric. Some prints are duplicated. This would make a super cute Pinwheel Picnic quilt! You’ll need:

Pinwheel Picnic

So, in summary, the deal for today is a Majestic 10" Stackers by Gerri Robinson of Planted Seed Designs for Penny Rose Designs for only $21.50 - that's 46% OFF!

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