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BasiX Template for 2.5" Strips
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BasiX Template for 2.5" Strips by Quilt Queen Designs for Quilt Queen Designs

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People talk a lot about getting back to basics, returning to the old standbys that have brought us this far. How many of the old skills our grandparents used daily have survived being passed down to us? I like to think my grandma would be pleased to see my quilts, the occasional loaf of bread I bake, and that one scarf I knitted last Christmas (sorry, Grandma, that’s the best I’ve got!) But while we treasure the old traditions, it certainly doesn’t mean we can’t jazz them up a little, or rely on the cleverness of others to make the process a little more fun, right? I have a feeling even Grandma would have had a good time using today’s Daily Deal.

This BasiX Template for 2.5” Strips will revolutionize your quilting, save you heaps of time, and launch fresh creativity to your design process. Perfectly sized for 2.5" precut strips.

I adore Jenny’s Basic X-Block Quilt, and you can click here to skip to the part where Jenny shows off the BasiX Template! To make your own you’ll need:

Basic X-Block Quilt Tutorial

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