Flathead Star Numbered & Directional Pins - 115 ct.

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Flathead Star Numbered & Directional Pins - 115 ct. by Missouri Star Quilt Co. for Dritz

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I have a brilliant brother (my brothers would tell you I have four brilliant brothers, but I digress) and this brother has an incredible mind. He remembers details he read in his high school chemistry book decades ago and does math when he’s bored... you get the idea. I couldn’t tell you what his room looks like now, but when we were growing up, this is what I remember about his room: piles. To walk in his room you’d feel like a supersized Godzilla picking your way through a miniature city of skyscrapers made of piles of books and stacks of papers. It looked like a disaster, but he knew where everything was. It was organized chaos and he kept the map in his head.

I have sometimes tried to do the same thing when piecing a quilt top.  I convince myself that if I concentrate reallllly hard I will remember the purpose of all my stacks, layers, piles on chairs, tables and bookshelves. Surprise! I screw it up nine times out of ten. 

Give your brain a break and help yourself stay organized with today’s clever Deal!

These Flathead Star Numbered & Directional Pins keep your pieces order when designing your quilt. The directional arrow pins are used to indicate which direction a seam should be pressed. Longer length shafts and larger heads are easy to use when layering. These pins will be the "star" of your pin box!

A total of 115 pins that includes six each of numbers 1-10, ten each of directional arrows and 15 plain head pins.

Jenny sure wishes she had these on hand when she made her Attic Windows Quilt! (They’re certainly a step up from pinning on post-it notes!) To make the easiest Attic Windows Quilt ever, you’ll need:

Attic Window Quilt Tutorial

So, in summary, the deal for today is a Flathead Star Numbered & Directional Pins - 115 ct. by Missouri Star Quilt Co. for Dritz for only $7.99 - that's 56% OFF!

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