Poly-Pellets for Fairfield

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Fairfield's famous Poly Pellets are the best on the market.

Poly Pellets can be used to:
- To stuff dolls, teddy bears, and stuffed animals. They gives them a bit of weight and flexibility, allowing you to give them lifelike positions. Typically used in arms, legs and lower torso area.
- For crafts such as "I Spy Bags", etc.
- To make weighted blankets, recommended to help children fall asleep who have Autistic Spectrum Disorders, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), anxiety disorders, or for children who just have trouble falling asleep. It is recommended that you fill the blanket with 10% of the child's body weight plus a pound in Poly-Pellets.

These pellets (size approx. 3mm) have a beautiful, round, consistent shape and smooth edges, which make them the pellet of choice for making crafts.
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