Pigma Micron 005 Pen .20mm Black

Pigma Micron 005 Pen .20mm Black for Sakura

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Writes like a pen and paints like brush two methods in one elegant tool. Swirls, doodles, fine lines, and broad brush strokes are possible with this flexible brush-tipped pen. Keeping up with your imagination is effortless. Pigma Brush is comfortable to hold and responds to instant changes in pressure or direction. A formulation of pigment based inks, more complex and stablethan dye based inks, PIGMA ink has become the standard for what is defined as reliable, permanent, archival quality ink.The Pigma Brush features: Archival quality ink that is chemically stable, waterproof, and fade resistant. No smears, feathers, or bleed-through on most papers. Thorough ink delivery to the sides and tip of the brush.

Pigma Micron 005 Pen .20mm Black by Sakura SKU# XSDK005 49 -M
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