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Santa's Big Night 10 Karat Crystals

Santa's Big Night 10 Karat Crystals

by Debbie Mumm for Wilmington Prints

Price: $34.95
MSRP: $39.00
Shipping: Worldwide
These 10” squares are just what you need to create a picture of Christmas Eve. You have Santa on rich colors along with all the presents he has to deliver!
Christmas Eve is the biggest night of the year for Santa and his elves, there’s a lot of presents to deliver to a lot of children! How neat would it be to create a quilt about Santa’s night on Christmas Eve? With all the stars, presents, and holly in Santa’s Big Night, you can sew a picture of the big man working hard to make Christmas morning worth remembering.

Contains 42 10" squares of fabric. You receive 3-4 pieces of each print.

Manufacturer SKU: Q518-471-518S