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Chalk Quilt Pounce White

Chalk Quilt Pounce White


MSRP: $16.00
Shipping: Worldwide
Hancy Mfg Quilt Pounce Stencil Marking Pads are the ultimate marking tool. They are easy to use, a super time saver, extremely accurate, safe for all fabrics, although you should always test fabrics, and can be used for machine or hand quilting. Chalk Quilt Pounce Pad lets you pounce on the chalk, then wash out or brush off to remove. Comes with a hard plastic case for storage of the pad, so there is no mess. Mark dark colored fabrics with White.

**Refills sold separately.**Find the Chalk Pounce Refill White HERE!

Includes a 2 oz bag of powder.

Manufacturer SKU: QPW