The Basement Quilt - Colebridge Community Series Book 1

The Basement Quilt - Colebridge Community Series Book 1 by Ann Hazelwood for American Quilter's Society

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You'll love Anne Brown and the Colebridge Community! In The Basement Quilt, a novel by Ann Hazelwood, you'll get to know the family and friends of Anne Brown, a plucky florist whose daily ups and downs will seem so familiar you'll identify with her right away. Anne decides to learn to quilt to help her aunt, and in the process learns family secrets. Then she uncovers a mysterious presence in her mother's basement or does she? Anne learns about love, too, in various forms. She and the members of the Colebridge community go through some big life changes. Are their decisions wise or does trouble lie ahead?

Series: Colebridge Community (Book 1)
309 pages

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