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A Celebration of Quilts & Projects for Every Season



  • Our Handmade Holiday Book has something for every season! These pages are packed with 20+ patterns for EVERY holiday, seasonal recipes, and even a fun quiz to discover your unique holiday style. Think of it as your personal holiday handbook!

A Celebration of Quilts & Projects for every Season


Celebrate every season with a thoughtful quilting project! With the Handmade Memories book from Missouri Star, you can make memories last a lifetime. Create beautiful quilts, wall hangings, table runners, and more to add to your family traditions. These versatile creations can be cherished and passed down for generations!

There are 15 seasonal projects, inspirational articles, family recipes, and a style quiz so you can learn to add your own personal touch to each project. You’ll find variety and versatility with each stellar quilting pattern. Feel the love and tradition flowing over to each page and use that holiday warmth to make something special all your loved ones can enjoy.


Any of these quilting projects can be made to fit any holiday - Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Christmas, New Years, and everything in between! Take the quiz inside to discover your style, try your hand at one of the scrumptious seasonal recipes, and create some Handmade Memories.


"This book changed my way of thinking! I can now look at any quilt and visualize it in any holiday theme" -Christine

"I love how a simple change in the fabric line can turn a Christmas quilt into a Fourth of July quilt. It is so cool seeing the project in alternate color options." —Courtaney

"I love the variety of projects. They even included Spring holidays!" —Kim