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Learn More about Missouri Star’s Free Quilting Tutorials
If you are new to Missouri Star and haven’t watched many of Jenny’s quilt tutorials, come on in and pull up a chair! Here, you will find a treasure trove of quilt tutorial videos covering various styles, techniques, and patterns. Whether you're a novice seeking fundamental knowledge or an advanced quilter looking to enhance your skills, our free quilting tutorials offer something for everyone.

Our quilt tutorial videos cover topics such as quilt block assembly, piecing techniques, appliqué, machine quilting, hand quilting, and more. With clear instructions and step-by-step demonstrations, these quilting tutorials serve as an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to learn or refine their quilting skills.

Get started with our extensive collection of quilt tutorials by Jenny Doan. Jenny is friendly and down-to-earth; her ability to simplify quilt-building is the secret sauce of her free quilting tutorial videos. She’s relatable because even with her years of quilting experience, you will sometimes see her make a mistake in her videos. She just laughs, fixes the problem, and moves right on -  after all, that is what you’ll need to do if you make a mistake at home! Her motto is, “Finished is better than perfect.”
Jenny’s Missouri Star quilt tutorials focus on patterns for quilt tops–most often using precuts. You will notice that there is a SUBSCRIBE button for YouTube on this webpage. Subscribing is free, and it will help you keep up with new YouTube Jenny Doan tutorials that launch on Fridays. YouTube is another easy way to access all of the Missouri Quilt Company tutorials.

Jenny Doan sitting with a quilt

Jenny loves quilting with precuts because it saves time. If you are looking for quilt tutorials using Jelly Rolls, we’ve got plenty! Just check out our Jelly Roll YouTube playlist which collects all of them in one handy place. 

Same goes for quilt tutorials using Charm Packs - we have plenty of great ideas for putting these charming 5” fabric squares to good use! 
Quilt on a sewing machine

In many ways Missouri Star tutorials are the heart and soul of the business. If you are a beginning quilter, you can learn how by watching Jenny. If you are an experienced quilter you can learn time-saving tricks, watch demonstrations of unfamiliar techniques or tools, and get ideas for patterns you might like to try. The quilt tutorial videos began with Jenny, but now you can watch The Final Stitch with Jenny’s daughter Natalie Earnhart and learn how to finish your quilts.

You can watch At Home With Misty, hosted by Jenny’s daughter-in-law Misty Doan, and be inspired with project ideas for your home. You can also peruse archives of Misty’s previous show Missouri Star Live for oodles of great sewing and quilting ideas. And if you want creative sewing projects for kids, check out Laura Piland’s Creating for Kids tutorials.

We hope you will expand your quilting repertoire and let your creativity flourish with our growing library of educational and inspiring quilt tutorial videos!