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This Week's Quilting Tutorial

Make a "Basket of Blooms" Quilt!

When you give the gift of flowers, you’re sending a message - so choose carefully! Sunflowers symbolize friendship, red roses represent romantic love, and bells of Ireland spread good luck. But a potful of petunias or orange lilies? Well, they pretty much say, “I hate your stinkin’ guts.”

This week Jenny is stitching up a wonderful bouquet of fabric flowers, and you don’t have to worry! The gift of a quilt practically shouts, “Love ya!” Watch the tutorial to learn how to make your very own Basket of Blooms Quilt!

Who Is The Missouri Star Quilt Co?

In November 2008, the kids got together and bought Mom a long-arm quilt machine so she could machine quilt for the local community. Back then, we had no idea that we had planted a seed that would grow so quickly. We opened a little shop where Mom and us worked. We roped in our friends, then Dad, in-laws, and... well now practically anyone who can use a rotary cutter in Hamilton, Missouri is involved! We are a family business that understands customer service and always strives to do the right thing for our customers, the people who make it possible for us to keep doing what we love. Read more about our story in the About Us section of our site.