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The Missouri Star Quilt Co and a bit of quilting fabric - You can do ANYTHING!

To make a beautiful quilt, you need three things: motivation, skills, and quality supplies! Our goal is provide quilters (or to-be quilters) with all three. Our rapidly growing library of free quilting tutorials on provides thousands with not only the essential skills to complete projects, but also with the encouragement and motivation to pick up a rotary cutter and some fabric and get started! Our tutorials focus on beginners and more advanced quilters alike, and aim to teach quilters quicker and easier ways to make gorgeous creations. We also have a flourishing Quilting Forum where thousands of quilters can exchange knowledge, offer each other support and just plain have fun! With the desire to quilt and some know-how comes the best part - shopping for beautiful fabric! We offer a rapidly growing selection of quilting supplies, including the best selection of precut fabrics anywhere, all at great prices. Every day we even offer the Quilter's Daily Deal - a new amazing quilting deal, 30%-100% off every night at midnight.

Sewing Layer Cakes and Jelly Rolls, is this for me?

Creativity is an interesting thing. Deep down, we're all creative, even if we don't know it! The problem with creating is that it often takes lots of time, knowledge and money. This is especially true of quilting. That's why MSQC strives to remove the barriers that discourage you from discovering your inner-quilter. We focus on precut quilting fabrics, they are like building blocks for quilters which make difficult projects much easier and quicker. We also offer free Quilting Tutorials, affordable quilting supplies, custom-built acrylic templates for precut fabrics, and great customer service. MSQC will make quilting simple and help you unleash you inner-quilter!

Who's Missouri Star Quilt Co and where is my fabric?

November 2008, we kids got together and bought Mom a long-arm quilt machine so she could machine quilt for the local community. Back then, we had no idea that we had planted a seed that would grow so quickly. We opened a little shop where Mom and we worked. Then we roped in our friends, then Dad, in-laws, and... well now practically anyone who can use a rotary cutter in Hamilton, Missouri is involved! We are a family business that understands customer service and always strive to do the right thing for our customers, who make it possible for us to keep doing what we love. Read more about our story in the About Us