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In quilting, a honey bun is a bundle of 1.5" precut fabric strips in an array of solid colors. Honey bun fabric rolls are perfect for quilt sashing and strip quilting! Use the filters to shop our selection of honey bun fabric in every color, theme & style from top fabric designers. Quilting honey buns are as sweet as can be! read more

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1.5" Strips (Honey Buns)

Have you heard the buzz? Honey bun fabric strips are perfect for quilting projects, and you can find plenty of honey buns fabric rolls right here at Missouri Star! If you are new to honey bun fabric, allow us to get you up to speed: honey bun fabric strips are simply another term for 1.5" precut fabric strips.

These honey bun quilt strips are typically solid in color and come in a variety of tones from darks to lights. Although it depends on the manufacturer, honey bun quilt fabric rolls typically include 40 1.5-inch quilting strips which each measure 44" in length. 

Similar to other kinds of quilting precuts, honey bun quilt fabric saves you so much cutting time, and they are fun to work with! Browse solid honey bun fabric bundles in a variety of neutral colors, or buy honey bun fabric in vibrant rolls of rainbow colors to make your next quilt project pop.

If you're looking for a quick option for quilt sashing, honey bun fabric rolls are the perfect choice! Quilting honey buns make marvelous quilt sashing because they’re thinner than a 2 ½” Jelly Roll. If you want to give your blocks some breathing room, feel free to add 1.5 inch honey bun strips in between. 

You can also size up a smaller quilt by adding sashing using honey bun quilt fabric - generally speaking, 1-2 honey bun quilt fabric rolls will do the trick. Watch the video below to see Jenny Doan's best tips for adding sashing to your next quilt project using 1.5" quilting strips.

One of the most popular quilts to make with honey bun fabric strips is a log cabin quilt. In the video below, Jenny shows us how easy it is to make the Log Cabin Quilt Block using honey buns fabric rolls (you can also use jelly roll strips if you prefer!). With just one honey bun fabric bundle, you can make 21 log cabin blocks. Honey bun quilt fabric is also a great choice for making a stair step pattern, fields and furrows, bow tie, and more!

New to working with precut fabrics for quilting? Download our free PDF guide to precut fabric, then shop our wide selection of precut fabric for quilting with confidence. We think you’ll be amazed at what you can create!