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Quilt panels come in a variety of themes that work perfectly as the centerpiece in stunning wall hangings, bed quilts, table runners, placemats & more. It's easy to add borders and sashing to expand a quilting panel into a larger project with panel fabric! From baby quilt panels to holiday panels, cut & sew project panels, and ... read more

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Quilt Panels

Looking to create a stunning quilt panel project quickly? Cotton fabric panels for quilts come in a variety of themes that work perfectly as the centerpiece in stunning wall hangings, bed quilts, table runners, and placemats. It's easy to add borders and sashing to expand cotton fabric panels into larger projects. Quilting panels make projects quick and easy!

What is sewing panel fabric?

Picture this: it’s a beautiful centerpiece for your quilting project. Fabric panels for quilting are larger pieces of quilting fabric with images printed on them. You can build quilt blocks around fabric picture panels or use them as is to create wall hangings or lap quilts. Some quilting panels for beginners are specially made to be created into items like placemats, aprons, children’s soft books, stuffed animals, and more.

Looking for fabric panel ideas? Get ready to be inspired! Quilt panels come in all shapes and sizes to make a variety of projects. There are so many types of panel quilt patterns that can be made from cut and sew fabric panels. For example, you can make a simple project with center panel quilt patterns, using the fabric panel as the focal point of your quilt. Sewing panels are sew much fun!

But panel quilts don’t stop there. Got an animal lover in the family? Try wildlife fabric panels for a panel quilt that’s sure to be adored. Create decorations for upcoming holidays with Halloween fabric panels and Christmas fabric panels. Quilt panels make your home feel cozy for any special occasion and here at Missouri Star, we offer a wide variety of panel quilt patterns as well.

Quilt panels are also great to use with precut fabrics! Watch the video below for Jenny's best tips on combining quilting precuts with fabric panels.

And don’t forget about the kids! Baby fabric panels make easy projects for the little ones in your life. You can use baby fabric panels to create a cute and cuddly baby-sized quilt or receiving blanket! Fabric book panels are another great choice for making soft, huggable books for toddlers in no time. If you are looking specifically for baby fabric panels, you can shop our kids and baby fabric panels collection online!

Once you've picked out your quilt panel, it's time to plan the rest of your quilt project. You may wish to add borders to your chosen fabric panel, which is a great way to customize your quilt and make it your own. In the video below, Jenny demonstrates three different ways to make a beautiful quilt by adding a border to a cotton fabric panel. You’ll learn how to make a fence rail border, an offset rectangle "brick" border, and a pinwheel border. Have fun experimenting with different border fabrics and designs to create a unique and beautiful quilt!

How do I quilt a panel?

Well, that’s easy! Go ahead and finish up your stunning panel fabric project just as you would any other quilt! Whether you prefer hand or machine quilting at home, custom quilting at your local longarmer, or sending it to our Longarm Machine Quilting Services for an all-over quilting pattern, taking the time to complete this final step will give your panel quilt the perfect finishing touch. Pick a quilt fabric panel and create a masterpiece lickety split!