Mail-In Machine Quilting Services

Missouri Star offers mail-in longarm machine quilting services with a quick turnaround and five-star service.


  • Everyday value pricing starts at 3 cents per square inch - standard thread & Hobbs 80/20 batting included!
  • NEW! Select variegated thread on your next order for only $15! Choose from 9 stunning colors.
  • Try our Table Runner flat rate machine quilting service* - only $25 for projects up to 1,000 square inches with optional machine binding for $10! Simply enter your project dimensions below to get started.
  • In a bind? Upgrade your long arm quilting service to include machine or hand binding for your quilt!
  • Our team of machine quilting heroes are here to save the day with five-star service in the heart of Hamilton, MO!

*flat rate pricing applies to Value Orders with Standard Pattern selections.

Holiday Deadlines & Service Announcements
for Machine Quilting Services

Please make note of the following deadlines to ensure your holiday projects are finished in time!


  • Order Deadline: October 10, 2022
  • Date Quilts Must be Received in Hamilton: October 24, 2022
  • NOTE: Priority (2-week turnaround) Services will be temporarily paused beginning October 11, 2022!

This service option will be temporarily paused until further notice to accommodate all holiday quilt orders. We cannot guarantee that it will become available before Christmas, so please plan accordingly!

Ready to Order Longarm Quilting Services?

Congratulations on completing your beautiful quilt top! Enjoy the ease of having your project finished on a state-of-the-art computerized Innova longarm quilting machine in a spacious modern quilting studio here at Missouri Star. Elevate your project with regulated stitching, precision tension, computerized accuracy, and improved durability for a quilt that will last for years to come.


Let us help you complete your masterpiece and give it the finishing touch it deserves. Missouri Star Quilt Co. began by specializing in Machine Quilting Services and we have grown from one longarm to an entire fleet since 2008! Today, we quilt thousands of your handmade quilts each month with our long arm quilting services. We would love to be a part of your quilt’s journey from start to finish.


Machine Quilting Pattern Spotlight

The Holiday Countdown is On!


remain to place your quilt orders

to guarantee holiday delivery.

Priority Service will be temporarily unavailable after this time.

Standard Machine Quilting Service

  • 3¢ per square inch
  • 8-10 week turnaraound
  • Standard machine quilt stitch patterns
  • 80/20 Hobb quilt batting & solid colored thread included!

Need More Options? Upgrade Your Machine Quilting Service With:

  • Priority 2 week turnaround
  • Deluxe machine quilt stitch patterns
  • Variegated Thread (add $15)
  • Hand or machine quilt binding services*
  • Optional $10 Trimming*
  • And more...


*Please allow up to 3 weeks for additional services

Start Your Machine Quilting Order Below!

Enter Your Quilt Top Measurements
Measure your quilt and enter in the width and the height in inches (you will see the price update once you have entered the measurements).
What are the dimensions of your quilt? (in inches)
Priority Quilting
Our standard service includes a 8-10 week turnaround. Need it Faster? Sign up for our Priority Service and get a 2 week turnaround.

Please note: Priority Machine Quilting guarantees a 2-week turnaround time from the date your quilt is received to when we ship it back to you. Once the quilt leaves Missouri Star, shipping times may vary due to occasional delays that are beyond our control.
Pick your Quilting Pattern
Choose from these two Machine Quilting options:
Because some of our patterns are more complex than others and require more time and thread, those patterns are considered “deluxe” and cost an additional ¼ of a cent per square inch.

Select your pattern from our wide selection of edge to edge quilting patterns. These beautiful pantographs, also known as “pantos,” are stitched with precision on our Innova longarms.

Quilter’s Choice Quilting Pattern
Unsure of what quilting pattern to choose? Our Machine Quilting experts will select an attractive quilting pattern just for you from our standard designs.
Select Standard Pattern
Select Deluxe Pattern
Choose your Thread Color
Select the color of thread you want and we will match it precisely to your quilt from our selection of over 100+ thread color options. If you have more specific instructions, please write them in the additional instructions.

Quilter’s Choice Thread Color
If you’d rather leave thread color choice up to our Machine Quilting experts, they will select a complimentary thread color to match your quilt’s background just for you.
Select Standard Thread
Select Variegated Thread
Add on Backing
If you would like to order your backing from us, choose this option and we'll add it to your order. Otherwise, be sure to include your backing with your quilt top.

Please Note:
If you are sending in your own backing along with your quilt top, make sure that it is at least 4" larger than your quilt top on all sides. If you are using standard width fabric (42" wide) instead of wide backing fabric (108" wide), you may need to sew your backing fabric together. If you have purchased backing fabric in your shopping cart outside of this order form, please contact customer service to avoid having it shipped to you.
Select Backing

I'll include my own backing

Add on Trimming or Binding
When we return a quilt to you, we will leave the excess fabric on the edges unless you add on trimming. For an additional $10, we will neatly trim the edge of your quilt and return the excess fabric to you.

If you would also like us to bind your quilt, be sure to include the binding fabric. If no binding fabric is provided, we will use the fabric left over from the backing for the binding if there is enough. Machine stitched binding using a zig zag stitch is priced at ¢.25 per linear inch and hand stitched binding is priced at ¢.50 per linear inch.

Please Note:
We are unable to bind your quilt with minky, cuddle, or fleece fabric. Thank you for understanding.
Would you like us to bind your quilt?
Give Any Additional Instructions
A quilt is a lot of work, and we want this to turn out right for you. Please give us any additional comments or instruction that might help us understand what you want.
Agree to Our Terms

Our longarm quilting machines are operated by humans, who are completely amazing, but as humans, they do (very occasionally) make mistakes. Please know that our Machine Quilting experts always try their very best to make sure your quilts turn out beautifully. Because this is a mail-in service, when you send your quilts to us you are trusting our judgment.There may be times when the end result isn’t quite what you had in mind, but we can’t be held responsible for expectations that have not been communicated clearly. There are also very rare occasions when longarm machines malfunction and damage quilts, but we will let you know immediately if there is a problem and do our best to make it right. We appreciate your understanding.

Get Social

Check the box below to give us permission to share your gorgeous quilt online before it's sent back to you! Let us know your Instagram name or email address so that we can credit your work.

Current Total: $0.00
  • Dimensions:
  • Pattern:
  • Thread:
  • Backing:
  • Binding:

Finish your purchase and wait for the confirmation email. Then, send us your quilt and we’ll get stitching!

Please send your quilts to:
Missouri Star Quilt Co.
c/o Machine Quilting
1005 South Hughes Street
Hamilton, MO 64644

Don't forget -

Do you happen to have a stack of unfinished quilt tops patiently waiting to be quilted? For many, that final step can seem daunting, but we’re here to help! Missouri Star's long arm quilting services have a five-star rating from our customers, and we look forward to giving your next quilt the five-star treatment, too! 

What Do You Do With Unfinished Quilt Tops?

There are many ways to go about finishing your quilt, from old fashioned hand quilting and straight line machine quilting to free motion machine quilting and even sending in your quilt to be finished professionally with a long-arm machine quilting service. There are many quilt top stitching ideas out there. We can also help you learn how to finish a quilt with a sewing machine. But whichever method you choose, we want to help you feel confident in your decision. After all, there’s no wrong way to finish your quilt!

Hand Quilting

First off, let’s talk about hand quilting. It doesn’t require a sewing machine, but it does require some patience. The easiest method is to hand tie your quilt and Jenny’s here to show you how it’s done.

It’s fairly straightforward and requires a hand quilting needle and a frame or a large hoop. The best thread for hand quilting is either 100% cotton floss or perle cotton. Hand quilting stitches are traditionally small, but more recently, big stitches have been popular in modern quilting. Hand quilting stitch patterns for beginners can be helpful if you’re looking to create a particular design; we recommend trying these quilt stencils to help you get started.

Machine Quilting at Home

Next up, straight line quilting on your home machine is a popular way to finish your quilt. Some are still asking can I quilt with a regular sewing machine? Yes! Of course you can. It’s less challenging than attempting to free motion quilt at first and it doesn’t require too many adaptations to your machine, just a walking foot. Many beautiful straight line machine quilting designs can be found in Jacquie Gering’s popular books WALK and WALK 2.0 including many easy machine quilting designs for beginners. Learn more about quilting on a sewing machine with Natalie on the Final Stitch. She’ll help you with machine quilting basics like machine quilting instructions for beginners, walking foot quilting patterns, stitch length for stitch in the ditch quilting, and much more.

Now it’s time to talk about free motion quilting. What does free motion quilting mean? It’s a type of quilting you can do on your home machine and it means that you move your quilt freely beneath the needle to create a unique quilted design. It’s not straight line quilting, it’s loops and swirls, and just about anything you can imagine! Now, it does require some specific things to help your free motion experience go well. Some might be wondering, can you free motion quilt with a regular foot? And the answer is no. You will need a special free motion presser foot. It has a spring inside that allows the foot to “hop” and move about freely above your quilt. You can follow along with Jenny in the video below as she demonstrates how to begin free motion quilting on a sewing machine. Learning how to free motion quilt on a regular sewing machine is just like riding a bicycle. It requires plenty of practice!

Edge-to-Edge Longarm Quilting

Finally, if you would prefer to hire someone to finish a quilt, that’s also completely fine! There are many options out there. You can take your quilt top to a local longarmer to have it finished, but if you don't have professional machine quilting services near you, you can send it in to Missouri Star and try our professional 5-star mail-in machine quilting services! We have a team of passionate longarm quilters who are experts at using our state-of-the-art computerized quilting machines, also known as longarms. These machines are programmed with intricate edge to edge quilting designs to give your quilt the perfect finish. With hundreds of quilting motifs for machine quilting to choose from, your quilt will have a professional look you’ll love. Long arm quilting pantographs can vary from a simple meander to detailed designs like lush florals, fall leaves, feathers, and designs for holidays and special occasions. No matter what you choose, our longarm quilting services are sure to leave you impressed.

Missouri Star’s amazing long arm quilters will treat your quilt with care from the moment it arrives to the final stitch. Our professional quilting service has been rated by hundreds of quilters and they are happy with the final result. You can have confidence in our mail-in machine quilting services when you see the gallery of beautifully finished quilts. Longarm quilting is a time saver for you and eliminates the stress of quilting with a machine on your own. If you haven’t tried machine quilting services yet, there’s no time like the present.

The Cost of Professional Long Arm Quilting Services

Machine quilting is amazing, but how much does it cost to have a quilt machine quilted? At Missouri Star, all of our pricing includes batting and standard thread options. You can choose how quickly you’d like your quilt back, the complexity of your design, and also opt to include trimming and binding when you place your order. 

If you’re not in a hurry, our value machine quilting option takes up to eight weeks from the time we receive your quilt to the time we ship it back to you. Value machine quilting is a bargain at 3 cents a square inch! If you would like your quilt back as soon as possible, we offer priority machine quilting for just 3.5 cents per square inch. The wait time is 10 business days from the time we receive your quilt to the time we ship it back to you (please allow additional time for quilt binding services, if selected). Now, that’s speedy! Once the machine quilting is finished, we can trim your quilt for you for an added $10, allowing you to finish the binding at home (don't worry, we'll return any extra backing fabric when we send back your order!). If you don't want to add your quilt's binding, don't worry! We offer hand stitched and machine stitched quilt binding options. Both are priced by the linear inch, with machine stitched binding (using a zigzag stitch) at 25 cents per linear inch and hand stitched quilt binding at 50 cents per linear inch.

How to Choose Machine Quilt Stitch Patterns & Thread

Choosing a beautiful machine quilting pattern is half the fun! We have over 100 computerized machine quilting designs including cute animal patterns from butterflies to birds, classic long arm quilting machine patterns like elegant swirls, brocade, feathers, and paisley, modern stipples, squares, and loops, and holiday quilting designs for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, the 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! There’s so many machine quilt stitch patterns to choose from to make your quilt design truly shine.

Preparing Your Quilt for Mail-In Quilting

When you send in your quilt to be machine quilted, be sure to include the backing of your choice that’s at least 8” wider than your quilt top on all sides so it can easily work with long-arm machine quilting. You can also order your backing along with your machine quilting order. Check out our selection of 108” wide machine quilting fabric at Missouri Star so your quilt has a smooth finishing touch without any seams on the back. And guess what? Batting is included with your machine quilting order for free!

Download our FREE Machine Quilting Order Checklist >

What Happens When I Send In My Quilt?

Once you’ve finished piecing your beautiful quilt top, what comes next? Let us help you complete your masterpiece and give it the finishing touch it deserves with our machine quilting service right in the heart of Quilt Town, USA. Just send in your quilt to our Machine Quilting Department and we'll send it back to you 6-8 weeks later*, perfectly finished. You can even have machine stitched quilt binding sewn on for you! Our staff of Machine Quilting Heroes finish every quilt project featured in our free quilting tutorials. Learn more about our talented team of Machine Quilting Heroes!

*please add 2-3 weeks for binding services; Priority orders will be received back in 2 weeks from date received in Hamilton, not including additional time for binding services.

Caring for Your Handmade Quilt

Handmade quilts need special care because they can deteriorate over time, and while we can’t make them last forever, we can make them last a long time. The important things to keep in mind are all about providing the right environment for quilt preservation. Learn how to fold any quilt for storage by watching the video below, or find more quilt care tips here!


More About Missouri Star’s Machine Quilting Business

Early on, when we had one longarm quilting machine in our first little brick building, we had a feeling that Missouri Star Quilt Co. could be something truly special. Since that time, in just over a decade, our Professional Machine Quilting Service Department has been expanded and updated with the latest professional longarm quilting machines to meet your needs.

We know how to help you achieve the results you’ve been hoping for. Each quilt tells a story and your quilt’s story is as unique as you are. Preserve memories with Missouri Star’s long arm Machine Quilting Services. We’re here to help your quilt last for years to come.

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Based on 503 reviews
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98% of reviewers would recommend this product to a friend
Customer photos and videos
Review posted
Reviewed by Kate W.
Verified Buyer
Rated 5 out of 5

First experience with MSQ machine quilting

I received my quilt in a timely manner (did pay for priority processing) and was absolutely thrilled with the results. The quilting by Trish was beautiful, even, crisp and perfect. The quilt is a birthday gift for my daughter. Thank you, MSQ and Trish!

I recommend this product
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Review posted
Reviewed by Judy D S.
Verified Buyer
Rated 3 out of 5

Summer quilt

The quilt shows needle punctures without thread as if the long armist made a mistake and picked out the threads. Also the length of time to send it back to me was verry long. On a positive note the shipping box was so nice and will be a keeper.

Was this helpful?
Review posted
Reviewed by Cathleen W.
Rated 5 out of 5

Hurry Christmas! I want to use my quilt!

Received my quilt back yesterday from MSQ. Love how it turned out!! I chose a gold thread and the Christmas Lights pattern. Because of my busy schedule right now I also had machine binding done. I sent my label with the quilt and it was also put on for me. They went above and beyond. Thank you MSQC, Jenny and Natalie.

I recommend this product
Was this helpful?
Review posted
Reviewed by Mary L.
Verified Buyer
Rated 4 out of 5


I have had numerous quilts quilted by MSQ and have been very satisfied and returned within 2-4 weeks. This last one I just received after being there for 10+weeks, I was a little disappointed in. The batting used is very very thin. Not sure if it will hold up once washed. It feels like a regular quilt top before quilting. I will give them another try and if the next one is the same as this one, I probably will not use them again.

I recommend this product
Was this helpful?
Review posted
Reviewed by Patricia J H.
Verified Buyer
Rated 5 out of 5

Love it !!!!!

Just received my table runner love the quilting on it will use Missouri Star again . Thank you so much

I recommend this product
Was this helpful?
Review posted
Reviewed by judy S.
Rated 5 out of 5

Fantastic job!

Just received my quilt and absolutely love the job the quilting!

I recommend this product
Was this helpful?
Review posted
Reviewed by Gail F S.
Verified Buyer
Rated 4 out of 5

Recent quilt

Just received my quilt back from MSQC on Friday 9-2-2022. I trimmed it myself and added the binding today 9-4-2022. I was very pleased with the results. I had MSQC pick out the quilt design and thread. I would use their services again. Thank you very much.

I recommend this product
Was this helpful?
Review posted
Reviewed by Karen
Verified Buyer
Rated 2 out of 5

High Expectations, Disappointed

I expected a lot from Missouri Star Machine Quilting and I was disappointed.

I will say that the quilting pattern was very nice and thread choice was perfect!

The website says 6-8 weeks. At 9 weeks my quilt had still not been loaded on a machine. But once it was loaded it was finished quickly. Received the quilt back in 10.5 weeks. I would not mind the wait if the quilting job was better. Maybe it will look better after the quilt is bound and washed.

My biggest disappointment is with the batting. It is very thin, very cheep quality. The quilt feels as if there is no batting at all between the layers. I don't recall an option to ask for a better quality, thicker batting but that's something to check on.

I expected a professional job, but it seems as if the quilt was not stretched on the machine properly or basted properly. The sides of the quilt are wavy and the corners are not square. It looks like an amateur job.

Probably won't send another quilt to be done by MSQ and won't recommend to my friends either. I have a local quilter but thought I'd give MSQ a try because I had heard how good and convenient they were.

The quilt is done and I am thankful for that. I just hope the poor batting holds up to the loving use the quilt is going to receive.

I don't recommend this product
Was this helpful?
Review posted
Reviewed by Virginia S.
Verified Reviewer
Rated 5 out of 5

Awesome service!!

I have had 4 quilts machine quilted by Missouri Star. The large one hanging in my dining room was the first and I love it. On a trip to northern Missouri for genealogy research, I dropped off 3 quilts and all of those turned out wonderful....mailed back to me here in Washington state.

I will definitely use this service again if I "manage" (LOL) to finish another quilt top.

I recommend this product
Was this helpful?
Review posted
Reviewed by Sandy Y.
Verified Buyer
Rated 4 out of 5

Nice job

Tammy did a very nice job on my quilt, I was pleased and the price was competitive. The 4 star is for how long. It was 9 1/2 weeks from the day they received it until the day it was completed. …more like 8-10 weeks vs the stated 6-8. Otherwise, great! It is a donation quilt and is hard to see but the pattern is hearts.

I recommend this product
Was this helpful?
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