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Turn your handmade quilt into a treasured heirloom with quilt labels. Be sure to add a personal touch to everything you create. Blank quilt labels can be made into personalized quilt labels with embroidery or permanent ink. And we have quilt labels for every style, from traditional to contemporary. Browse our collection of quilt labels... read more

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Quilt Labels

Have you ever found a beautiful quilt and wondered who made it? Throughout history, it’s been rare to find the names of makers on quilts and it’s high time to break with this nameless tradition! Make your work known by adding quilt labels to your beautiful projects. Be proud of your creations! Always be sure to sign your name to your masterpieces with personalized quilt labels. 

There are many ways to make labels for quilts, but no matter how you do it, here is some important information to include on your quilt labels: your name, the name of the quilt pattern, when it was made, who it was made for, and the occasion. Be sure to always use a permanent fabric marker and stitch it on securely! Here are some ideas on how to make a quilt label:

  • Use blank fabric quilt labels that come on a panel. Cut out a label, write on it with a permanent fabric marker, and stitch it onto your quilt. 

  • Have personalized memory quilt labels made. Creating your own custom iron on quilt labels is easier than you might imagine! 

  • Create your own sew on quilt labels with scrap fabric, then stitch it into the binding or into a corner of the quilt as a finishing touch. 

  • Make DIY iron on quilt labels using fusible interfacing with scrap fabric, then stitch down the raw edge. Write directly on the quilt using a permanent fabric marker. 

  • Know how to embroider? Stitch your name onto your quilt with some coordinating embroidery floss using your favorite hand embroidery stitch! 

  • Get high-tech with quilt labels for your printer. Printing quilt labels nowadays is easier than you might imagine using Quilt Label Fabric Sheets!

  • Use an embroidery machine to make professional looking personalized quilt labels in a jiffy!

Once you’ve decided what kind of quilt labels you want to use, you’ll want to know how to attach a quilt label. An easy way to add a quilt label is to attach it to the bottom corner of the quilt by catching it in the binding as you stitch along. Finish the two sides of the label that won't be covered by the binding and pin it in place. Then hand stitch around the finished edge. Now when you stitch the binding in place, the raw edges of the label will be enclosed. Be sure to write your message on the label before you attach it to the quilt.

As you finish up your quilts, you might want to add cute quilt label sayings like “made with love” or the popular saying “the best kind of sleep beneath heaven above is under a quilt, handmade with love.” We completely agree! When you’re looking for quilt labels for baby quilts, charity quilts, special occasions, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, and so much more, look no further than Missouri Star. We have a variety of quilt labels for sale that you’ll love.