Kona Cotton - Ash Roll-Up

Kona Cotton - Ash Roll-Up

by Robert Kaufman Fabrics for Robert Kaufman
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From the Ashes

On Sunday I had one of those days. You know, one of those days where you feel life kicked you when you were already down. And stomped on your toes. And stole your lunch money. And set your car on fire. And all you’re left with is your burned out Buick and some bruised toes. 

But the next day I woke up to find a cinnamon roll on my dresser (thanks, Hubs!) and everything changed. It was such a small thing that helped turn the tide. That buttery baked good propelled me up like a phoenix from the ashes and onward to greatness. (If you can call a full day of work and a bit of quilting “greatness,” which I do!)

Sometimes life just kicks you when you’re down. We’ve all been there. And often all it takes is something small and encouraging to stop the spiral. The next time you have one of those days, be the phoenix; you just fly right up out of the ashes and wreckage of your day and grab yourself some awesome (in the form of a great precut.) 

This lovely and versatile precut will remind you of your power to rise from the ashes and start fresh!

Kona Cotton Ash Roll Up includes 40 2.5"x 44" strips of beautiful quilt fabric. Kona is a quilter's favorite for a reason: from its vast array of hues to its thicker weave, it's the perfect fabric for patchwork, adding needed structure to your projects while being a delight to sew! Sew confidently with Kona, a certified "Standard 100" safe fabric by Oeko-Tex. This lovely ash color works wonderfully paired with white in a solids quilt, or makes a great background for a colorful print. For a modern yet timeless look, use it in an Antique Lace quilt!

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