January 16, 2023

3 Ways to Use Fabric to Create Baby Wall Art

Handmade nursery decor is so much fun to create! Did you know that there are several ways to create baby wall art without even pulling out your sewing machine? From applying fabric to wood panels or canvas rolls to twisting material into funky shapes, we're sharing three fun ways to incorporate your fave nursery fabrics into a baby's room. Read on for quick and easy tutorials to help you make the most of your nursery fabric panels and yardage!

1. Wood Canvas

fabric panel
wood canvas
acrylic or wall paint
paintbrushes or sponges
mod podge
rope or twine - optional
staple gun - optional

Add a simple painted or stamped texture to the wooden canvas with the paint. Stripes, polka dots, or a chevron
pattern are some ideas.

While the paint is drying, gather the fabric panel and fussy cut out your preferred motif. When the paint is completely dry, arrange the fussy cut shapes on the wood as desired. Use mod podge to coat and adhere the
shapes to the wood. Two coats may be necessary to get complete coverage. Let the mod podge dry between each coat.

Optional: Add a small piece of twine or rope on the back at the top with a staple gun for hanging.

2. Wall Flowers

¾ yard of 2 coordinating fabrics*
12 pieces of cardstock*
Heat n Bond Ultrahold
hot glue gun & glue sticks

*This is enough for one large flower and one small flower.

Adhere the fusible to the reverse side of both fabrics according to the
manufacturer’s instructions.

Use the template provided to trace and cut 8 petals per flower from each fabric. In the same manner, cut out an equal number of petals from the cardstock. 2A

The end of the petal that is a bit wider is going to become the center of the flower. Fold each fused petal in half at about 2" on the wider end. 2B

Arrange the petals for one flower, right side down, on your work surface. Use a hot glue gun to glue the ends of the petals together in the center. Work your way around the flower adding a dab of hot glue where each petal touches the next, approximately halfway up the petal. 2C

Once the glue has dried, secure to the wall with a pushpin.

3. Canvas Scroll

fabric panel
Missouri Star Sew Light Fusible Adhesive
(2) 21" long wooden dowels
embroidery floss

Trim the fabric panel to the desired size. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to adhere the fusible to the wrong side of the panel.

Measure the fabric panel and add 4½" to the width and 9" to the length.

Cut the canvas to these dimensions.

Turn all of the edges of the canvas under ¼" with wrong sides touching
and topstitch. 3A
Fold the canvas over 2½" with wrong sides touching on the top and bottom edges, pin in place, and sew across the width near the hemmed edge to create a casing. 3B

Center the fabric panel atop the right side of the canvas. Follow the
manufacturer’s instructions to adhere the panel to the canvas.

Use a decorative stitch on your machine or hand stitch with embroidery floss approximately ¼" inside all the way around the panel.

Insert the wooden dowels into the casings at the top and bottom of the canvas.

Tie a strand of embroidery floss to the top dowel and your canvas scroll is ready to hang. 3C

Well, there you have it! We hope you enjoyed the free nursery project tutorials. Whether you make the Wood Canvas, Wall Flowers, or Canvas Scroll, we'd love to see what you've created. Feel free to share photos of your projects on social media and tag us at #MSQCshowandtell.


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Published by Danae M.