Quilting 101: 1/4" vs Scant 1/4"

Natalie Earnheart

Quilting 101: 1/4" vs Scant 1/4"

Seams like you might need a little help and Natalie is here to guide you as you start quilting! One of the first things to learn when you’re a beginning quilter is how to sew a consistent quarter inch seam. It helps your blocks turn out the same and gives you those nice corners that actually match up! See how simple it is with Quilting 101, a series of quick and easy quilting tutorials especially for beginners. 

New and beginning quilters, this bundle was made special for you! The Missouri Star Beginner Set - as designed for Quilting 101 - has all the basic necessities! Pair this set of notions and sewing tools with the new Quilting 101 tutorials to learn how to measure, cut, mark, and pin like a pro!

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