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Our collection of Barbie fabrics feature glamorous dolls, stylish polka dots and stripes, and Barbie logo fabrics, making it the perfect collection for doll enthusiasts everywhere! Shop our selection of Barbie fabric in Barbie fabric by the yard, Barbie fabric panels & precuts.   read more

Some of our favorite fabric collections

Barbie Fabrics

Bring the magic of Barbie World to your sewing room with Mattel fabric featuring one of the most iconic toys ever created! Our Barbie fabric collections feature bright, happy prints with the one and only Barbie - perfect for Barbie enthusiasts, children's quilts, or anyone who enjoys the nostalgic or playful aesthetic of Barbie-themed fabrics.

If you have fond memories of playing with Barbie dolls, you can now make more by sewing with these Barbie fabrics! From precuts, to Barbie fabric by the yard, and even Barbie fabric panels, we carry a colorful and fun variety of Barbie fabric! We’re sorry to say that the Barbie Dream House is not included in our inventory, but you can expect to find your style of Barbie fabric prints in our selection. If you need modern Barbie fabric to make a quilt for your favorite little girl or want to make a throwback project, we have plenty of vintage Barbie fabric and retro Barbie fabric, too!