Learn how to quilt

Are you new to quilting? We’re so excited to help you begin your journey! Start by watching our free online quilt tutorials below, check out our essential supplies, and begin sewing! We’ll help you get the skills and tools you need to make your very first quilt from start to finish.


Follow along with this series of four free quilting tutorials and you’ve got your own personal sewing teacher at your fingertips! Jenny Doan is the smiling face of Missouri Star Quilt Co. and she makes quilting friendlier than ever. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Quilt Fabric 101

Beautiful quilt fabrics are the building blocks of quilting from yardage to precut fabrics like jelly rolls, layer cakes, charm packs, and more. Get lost in an incredible world of color and pattern as you learn all about it right here.

Let’s Talk Quilting Supplies

The right quilt supplies make sewing a pleasure. Find out more about all the notions you need to get stitching quickly and easily. In this video Jenny will talk you through each essential quilting tool.

Get Started Sewing Quilts

Wind up that bobbin because it’s time to sew! Next, you’ll master the basic sewing stitches you need to learn to make a beautiful quilt as you stitch along with Jenny. She’ll have you behind a sewing machine in no time!

Picking Your Quilt Pattern

Finally, it’s time to pick out the perfect quilt pattern to help you learn the skills you need to create a gorgeous quilt all on your own. By the end, you’ll feel confident to make your very first quilt!

There are over 300 totally FREE quilt tutorials available at youtube.com/missouriquiltco where you can sew along, step by step, and learn how to make hundreds of beautiful quilts. We promise that even if they look tricky, you’ll be surprised at how truly simple they are.


A precut is a bundle of fabric cut into a uniform size for convenience, often containing every print from an entire collection.


If you want to make your own, suggested yardage is listed below.
(In order of most frequently used.)

precut-icons fat quarter bundles
Fat Quarter Bundles ➤
18" x 22" per piece. Amount of fabric pieces per bundle varies.

precut-icons 10-inch squares
10" Squares | Layer Cakes
10" x 10". Typically 40-42 squares, approximatley 2¾ yards
Make your own: 3 yards

precut-icons 5-inch squares
5" Squares | Charm Packs
5" x 5". Typically 40-42 squares, approximatley ¾ yards
Make your own: 1 yard

precut-icons 2.5-strips
2.5" Strips | Jelly Rolls ➤
2.5" x Width of Fabric (usually 42-44" wide). Typically 40-42 strips, approximatley 2¾ yards.
Make your own: 3 yards

precut-icons 2.5-squares
2.5" Squares | Mini Charm Packs ➤
2.5" x 2.5". Typically 40-42 squares, approximatley ¼ yards
Make your own: ½ yard

precut-icons 1.5-strips
1.5" Strips | Honey Buns ➤
1.5" x Width of Fabric (usually 42-44" wide). Typically 40-42 strips, approximatley 1 ⅔ yards.
Make your own: 2 yards


Generally, this is how many of each precut pack you'll need, depending on the size and pattern.

Packs of 5" Squares:
1=Baby | 2=Crib | 3=Lap | 5=Twin | 6-8=Queen | 8-10=King


Packs of 10" Squares:
1=Twin | 2=Queen | 2-3=King


Packs of 2.5" Strips:
1=Lap/Twin | 2=Queen | 3=King

View or Download our Guide to Precuts ➤


When you finish sewing your first quilt together, what comes next? Now you’re ready to choose a pretty backing fabric, add some fluffy batting to make it cozy, and stitch it all together! And guess what? We can help you! To give your gorgeous quilt the perfect finishing touch, send it in to our Machine Quilting Services.