Celebrate Birthday Bash like never before with Missouri Star Quilt Company!

Thank you for stitching along with us for 12 wonderful years. This year’s Birthday Bash was such a blast and we can’t wait for next year! The party continues here so you can relive any of your favorite memories. Love, Missouri Star Quilt Co.


Tune in at these times here, our Facebook page, or on our YouTube Channel!
And you can watch these videos anytime if you don’t catch them live.

Wednesday, Sept. 23
6:00 PM― Birthday Bash Launch with BLOCK PARTY ➤
Tune in to our BLOCK Party to get revved up for a Birthday Bash you won’t want to miss!

Thursday, Sept. 24
9:00 AM― LIVE - Welcome to Birthday Bash ➤
Our favorite MC is coming to you live to start off Birthday Bash right!

11:00 AM― "At Home" with Sue Daley of Sue Daley Designs ➤
Meet Sue Daley, a lovely Australian quilter, who’s here to show you around her quaint home and talk about her upcoming feature in BLOCK.

2:00 PM― Demo Video: Color Wheel Tips ➤
Collaboration with C&T Publishing. Amp up the color in your quilts with fabulous color wheel tips to make your fabrics really pop.

4:00 PM― LIVE - Celebration Potholder Project with Jenny! ➤
Learn how to create the cutest little pot holder with one of our favorite tutorials, Cottage Stars. Download Tiny House Block PDF ➤

Friday, Sept. 25
9:00 AM― LIVE - Opening for Day 2 ➤
Our Missouri Star MC is back to introduce day two of Birthday Bash and get you started on the festivities!

10:00 AM― "At Home" with Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts ➤
Meet Edyta, an inspiring quilter with a brand new Block of the month to share!

11:00 AM― LIVE - Doan Girls Orphan Block Challenge ➤
Join Jenny, Misty, and Natalie as they create brand new quilts with their leftover orphan blocks for charity. This is going to be a blast!

2:00 PM― Demo Video - Thread Matching Tips ➤
Collaboration with C&T Publishing
Take your stitching to the next level with incredible thread matching tips.

4:00 PM― Closing Ceremonies ➤
Say goodbye to Birthday Bash and hear exciting updates for 2021. There’s always something new around the corner at Missouri Star!

Flat Jenny

Send Jenny Around the World!

One of the benefits of being made of paper is that Jenny can travel comfortably around the world or around your neighborhood. Print, decorate, and take your very own Jenny along on your daily adventures for even more Birthday Bash fun.


1. Download and print the Jenny template ➤


2. Decorate Jenny to make her your own. She might like a fancy new dress or even a hat!


3. Take Jenny with you on your adventures and photograph her wherever you go. Then, share the photos with us at



Thanks for playing!