Hello, Quilters! I’m so excited to welcome you to my first ever Block of the Month program, Missouri Star All Stars! It’s going to be a lot of fun creating this beautiful quilt with you, one month at a time. It’s made up of my very favorite star quilt blocks and because it uses precut fabrics, you can get right to the good part and start sewing quickly without a lot of cutting. As we build this quilt together, block by block, you can follow along with each step as you watch the tutorials below. Each month, a new tutorial will be added and by the end, you’ll have an amazing quilt that’s sure to leave you starry-eyed! And be sure to check out the Missouri Star All Stars Block of the Month Facebook group at the bottom of the page and join a community of quilters just like you. I can’t wait to see all of your beautiful quilts! You’ve got this.


Love, Jenny

Missouri Star All Star Tutorials

Follow along with these easy tutorials to create your Block of the Month quilt.

Month #1 Jenny's Doll Quilt


Come take a walk down memory lane as you stitch up the very first part of the All Stars Block of the Month quilt! This pretty little quilt block is based on a doll quilt Jenny had as a child. Now you can enjoy this pattern as a part of your very own Block of the Month quilt!

Month #2 Star Patch & Four Patch Stars


This month's tutorial features two star patterns for twice the stellar sewing! Join Jenny (and Misty, too!) as she stitches up the cute and scrappy Star Patch and the Four-Patch Star quilt blocks!

Month #3 Small Dashing Star


This gorgeous Dashing Star quilt block was the brainchild of Jenny’s daughter, Natalie. It begins as easy half-square triangles and then they combine to make a stunning star for the All Stars Block of the Month quilt!

Month #4 Disappearing 4-Patch Star


Welcome to month four of the All Stars Block of the Month program! This time you’re going to do a little magic and see what happens when you take a traditional 4-patch block, do some clever slicing and dicing, a bit of rearranging, and turn it into a lovely star! It’s easier than you might imagine. Have fun with it!

Month #5 Morning Star


Many of you may know that BLOCK Magazine has a companion magazine called ModBlock featuring modern quilters. This beautiful Morning Star block comes from ModBlock and was designed by the talented Tara Faughnan. She takes a traditional Lone Star block and makes it approachable for all quilters. Enjoy!

Month #6 Studio Star


It’s hard to believe it’s already been six months since this Block of the Month program began! This is one of Jenny’s favorite quilt blocks of all time, the Studio Star. In her sewing studio, she has a metal quilt block in the shape of this star hanging on the wall. She made it into a quilt pattern for all of you to enjoy and here it is!

Month #7 Twinkle


Are you ready to get a little wonky? Go for it! These adorable stars are so much fun—each one is different, each one has its own personality, just like all of us. It’s never boring creating wonky stars and we hope you enjoy this month of the All Stars Block of the Month program! It’s starting to look like a real quilt and you’re getting so close to being finished!


Month #8 Ohio Star


Month eight is here and, boy oh, boy, this is a fun one! The Ohio Star is a traditional quilt block that’s been around for a long time for a good reason. It’s popular with Amish quilters and it has also been known by a few different names including Variable Star, Eastern Star, and Western Star. Try a new, easy way to make this historical block!

Month #9 Sweet Star


This month’s addition to the All Star’s Block of the Month is going to change the way you look at a 2 ½” strip! There’s very little waste and it’s amazing what you can do with a simple jelly roll. It’s a favorite precut for a reason! Once you’re finished with this month’s block, there’s only one more block left and then you get to stitch it all together in the final month!

Month #10 The Missouri Star Block


You’ve finally arrived at the last quilt block in the All Star’s Block of the Month program and it’s time to finish with a flourish! This big, beautiful block is, of course, the famous Missouri Star block. You’ve seen it so many times, but now you can make your very own! It’s the centerpiece of the quilt and all the other stars make it truly shine. Next up, you’ll sew all the blocks together and get it ready for quilting!

Month #11 Bringing it all Together


It’s been a wonderful journey as you’ve worked to build your All Stars Block of the Month quilt one month at a time. In this final tutorial, you’ll learn how to finish up your quilt top. Whether it’s your first quilt or your fortieth, you should be proud of what you’ve accomplished. You did it!


Look at all these luscious colors! For the Missouri Star All Stars Block of the Month program, Jenny chose the Sun Print 2020 fabrics by Alison Glass for Andover. We're in love with these bright, vibrant, colors and the fun, cheerful sewing theme with prints that remind us of notions, stitching and all things sewing! We're inspired! If you'd like to collect more from this gorgeous collection, check out our paint box.

Backing, Background, and More

Follow along with these easy tutorials to create your Block of the Month quilt.

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