Machine Quilting Superheroes

Here at Missouri Star, we treat your quilts with the care they deserve. From the moment they arrive to the final stitch, they’re finished with a handcrafted touch. Each of our amazing longarm quilters has the expertise to make sure your beautiful quilt projects turn out wonderfully.

Meet your machine quilting superheroes!

Meet the Team


Savannah is known for her ability to wrangle wonky quilts into submission. She loves seeing all the beautiful quilts that come into Machine Quilting. During her free time she likes to cuddle and spend time with her daughter. Savannah also likes to make quilts and is currently writing a book with a character who is a quilter!


Todd is known for his joyful spirit and he infuses each quilt he stitches with plenty of love. He loves quilting because it brings love and peace to others. When he gets a well-deserved break from quilting, you can find him snuggling under a quilt with a peanut butter-flavored snack, watching a classic movie.


Debbie is known for her big heart and she loves knowing that the work put into a quilt is able to reach that person in a special way. Reading is Debbie’s favorite way to wind down after a hard day at work and she loves snacking on frozen Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Yum! She is a proud aunt and great-aunt, with a total of 13 kids in her family that she loves dearly.


Charity is known for her positive attitude and she truly just loves quilting. It is interesting and relaxing to her. Keeping people warm is her superpower and when she’s not stitching up a storm, Charity is enjoying some well-earned chocolate, gardening, and spending time with family.


Rachel is known for her creative eye for detail and she loves helping people. That’s why she’s such an amazing quilter! Rachel would never turn down a scoop of ice cream and when she’s away from work, you might find her reading or getting a sweat on, working out to her favorite tunes.


Jennifer is known for her ability to appreciate all of your hard work. She takes extra care to make sure your quilts turn out beautifully! Jennifer loves quilting because it’s a wonderful way to keep busy and focus on positive things. When she’s relaxing after work, you’ll be sure to find her with a Dr. Pepper in hand, doing a bit of light shopping.


Amanda is known for her genuine love of quilting. Each and every quilt she touches only becomes more beautiful! Amanda can’t help but love a delicious peanut butter shake and when she wants to relax, there’s nothing like putting on her comfy clothes, sitting in her favorite recliner, and watching a few good shows. Sounds super to us!


Dori is known for her amazing ability to bring to life all the imagination and hopes of what the sewist hoped for in their finished quilt! It’s a pleasure for her to be a part of the quilting process and you’ll find her smiling no matter what her mood is. When she gets a day off, she enjoys playing with her three dogs and their toys and scrapbooking. And she’d never turn down an Almond Joy or a Baby Ruth candy bar!


Desirae is known for making customers happy, she has a deep love for animals and delicious brownies, and her superpower is the ability to spread love around the world!


Tami is known for her fabulous attention to detail, daring personality, and she loves snacking on crackers and cheese. This motorcycle-riding quilter is a whole lot of fun and she’s up for a game of Yahtzee just about anytime. Believe it or not, Tami has also bungee jumped off of the longest professional base in the world!


Tammy is known for her peaceful nature. She hasn’t met a quilt she doesn’t like yet! Tammy loves just about anything peanut butter-flavored and enjoys relaxing with her favorite TV show after a hard day at work spent quilting!


Stacy is known for her amazing color matching skills and she has quilted over 1,000 quilts! When she’s not busily stitching away at work, she also loves making quilts to keep her loved ones warm or swinging in a hammock with her puppy. With a caramel frappe in hand, Stacy can do anything she puts her mind to!


Jess is known for her positive attitude and her deep love of beautiful quilts. She can be found snuggling her fur babies when she isn’t quilting and her favorite snack is peanut butter M&Ms. If she had her way, she’d make sure everyone in the world had a quilt to keep them warm.


Karrina is known for her marvelous ability to make a fabulous final quilt for the customer out of their creation. She’s a fast learner who loves watching documentaries in her free time. And she’s always up for chocolate milk, Rice Krispy Treats, and oatmeal cookies. Karrina also has a wonderful singing voice too! She once tried out for American Idol in Florida and has been in a band.


Becky is known for her optimism—she can turn a negative situation into a positive in no time. She has a deep love for homemade brownies and when she isn’t quilting, you can find her spending time with friends and family or hanging out at livestock shows with her prized Berkshire show pigs that compete across the nation! Oink oink!


Darlene is known for her incredible binding skills and she has stitched bindings on thousands of quilts over the years. For her, quilting is love and she enjoys the way all the Machine Quilting Superheros take care of each other—like a family. When she’s taking a break from binding, she’s relaxing with her husband and their beloved dog, in their special Denver Broncos room that’s decorated in a blue and orange color scheme.


Julie is known for her insightful ability to make disappearing quilts reappear. She’ll keep a close eye on your quilted treasure! When she’s not on the job, Julie enjoys relaxing in the hot tub with a delicious cocktail or taking a trip to the beach. She also likes making quilts and spending time with her dog and five cats.


Glenda is known for her ability to perfect your quilts and she loves reading all the stories that go along with the quilts you send in. She likes to relax after work with a nice glass of wine and some chocolate. Spending time with her animals and cuddling up with a good book is also at the top of her list. Sounds pretty good to us!


Angela is known for her super-sleuthing skill of finding people’s quilts when paperwork is missing. She’s amazing! Helping people enjoy their quilts makes her smile. And when she’s at home, Angela gets right into her PJs and eats some dark chocolate. Spending time with her grandkids is one of her favorite activities as well, right up there with a day at the lake spent fishing.


Amelia is known for wielding a rotary cutter like an absolute boss. She’ll trim your quilt precisely and in no time! All Amelia wants is for the world to be cozy and warm. After work, she likes to play video games and snack on Cherry Mash candy—or any candy! She’s got a sweet tooth and an even sweeter personality.


Lisa is known for her keen ear and she is an expert at running an Innova longarm and knowing all the unique sounds it makes. After a long day at work, she likes to watch TV in her jammies with some sushi and a Dr. Pepper within easy reach. Her trademark sarcasm gets her through life!


Diane is known for her ability to bring your projects to fruition. She has a keen eye for color and picks matching thread with expertise. For her, sewing is very calming and seeing the finished product is inspirational. When she’s not stitching away, she’s playing with her dogs and she loves to laugh. A piece of chocolate always lifts her mood, too!


Hannah is known for her innate sense of knowing how to make customers happy. And she’s a whiz when it comes to working with minky! For her, quilting is all about binding people together. On her days off, she likes to watch YouTube and she loves a good Crunch bar!


Brandon is known for his attention to detail; he rarely makes a mistake! Helping to complete your projects is one of his favorite things to do and when he’s away from work, you might find him relaxing with a good TV show, reading, or playing the guitar. He’s quite the musician!


Tish is known for putting as much love into making the quilt beautiful as the person who made the quilt. Her deepest desire is for everyone to be cared for, warm, and cozy. When she needs a break, she’s all about watching her weekly TV shows with a delicious sundae, complete with hot fudge and peanuts. She also loves spending time with her children and grandchildren as well as scrapbooking, sewing, and DIYing.


Kriss is known for her super ability to straighten out wonky quilts and help them look their very best! She takes life one stitch at a time and she looks amazing doing it because she loves dressing in black. Kriss likes to play video games when she’s taking a break and her favorite snack is a mix of Skittles and M&Ms.


Rachael is known for her deep love of learning about your stories. To her, finishing your quilts is like helping you to finish your “story books.” It’s all about the simple things in life for Rachael. She enjoys snacks like candy and just about any food while she’s reading books. Afterwards, there’s nothing like a good nap.


Roxy is known for her super ability to fix things. Troubleshooting and keeping customers happy is her forte! When she gets a minute to herself, she likes to snack on candy bars and spend time playing games on her phone. While she has never made a quilt herself, she loves that her job helps keep people warm!

Customer Reviews

"This is the first time I have used a quilting service. I like to quilt myself, but find it extremely difficult to quilt a king size quilt on my Janome machine. I am so happy I sent my quilt to Missouri Star to be quilted. It turned out absolutely amazing! The entire process was super quick and all I had to do was wait to get it back. I will definitely use this service again! Thank you Missouri Star!"

Linda  - APRIL 2022

"I have had many quilt tops quilted by the Machine Quilting Department at Missouri Star. I have never been disappointed in their work. Thanks so much for providing a wonderful outlet to finish my quilts!!"

Teresa B.  - APRIL 2022

"I am so pleased with the results of the quilting done by MSQC on my extra large king sized Dresden Plate quilt. I made it to be the covering for my own bed, and to be a showpiece in my home... Sending it off to Hamilton was a great choice!... I HIGHLY recommend the quilting services of this company! Worth every penny!"

Deadie M.  - FEBRUARY 2022

"I have always been pleased with the Quilting Service provided by MSQC. The have a nice variety of quilting patterns to select from as well as the thread selection. I have had them do more than 35 quilts, from baby quilts to king size over the past several years. I am usually not in a rush to get my quilt done quickly, however a baby quilt was needed by a due date...the rush was well worth the extra money. Thank you! to all that contributed to my sewing hobby."

Lori B.  - MARCH 2022

"I didn't have a clue what pattern or thread color to have my quilt finished in and gave MSQ the liberty of making these decisions for me. My quilt was returned with a beautiful pattern and thread color was perfect. I was so pleased with the final product I have sent 3 more to be quilted by them 😍"

Allison M.  - APRIL 2022

"Thank you so very much MSQC for the fabulous machine quilting and binding work done on my quilt for my Mom's 83rd birthday present. She absolutely adored it when I gave it to her today! As I was unsure of what thread color to use, I left it up to your expertise and you guys picked out a wonderful color. Priority was super fast. I can't say enough about the work done and how beautifully it turned out. Again, thank you for treating my quilt as if it were your own - I will definitely be using MSQC again when I don't have time to do my own free motion quilting."

Debbie T.  - APRIL 2022

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