Stay Awhile with Us!

Hamilton, Missouri, is a quilter’s paradise, attracting folks from near and far to come find inspiration, encouragement, and education at Missouri Star Quilt Co. To our surprise and delight, it’s become much more than a collection of quilt shops. Bringing your quilting dreams to life is our ultimate goal! When you come visit, we want to help you feel empowered to go out and create your own masterpiece. Use this guide to help you get the most of your stay with us.

2 - 3 Hours

  • Enter on Hwy 13 Hamilton exit. Grab a pick me up at Mrs. Little's Tea and Toys


  • Stroll through Missouri Star shops and our sister shops in Hamilton


  • Stop in Man's Land to kick back and chill


  • If you're there for lunch, grab a meal at Eggo's or Kathy's Kitchen down the street


  • Stop by the smashed penny machine in the Penny's


  • Shop for a souviner of your trip


  • Grab a treat at Molly's Sweet Shoppe


  • Shop the rest of your time with us

Morning Trip

  • Jump start your day with breakfast at Eggo's


  • Enter on Hwy 13 and explore our 12 shops on Main Street Hamilton


  • Get inspired in the Main Shop


  • Grab your mid-morning pick-me-up at Mrs. Little's Tea Room


  • Pause inside Man's Land for a comfy rest


  • Walk through the upstairs shops and visit all the different fabrics


  • Grab lunch at Kathy's Kitchen down the street


  • Step into history at the JC Penney Museum at 312 N Davis Street


  • End your time at Accesories and Such and pick up a homemade leather project or buy an amazing kit or leather bag to take home with you

A Whole Day

  • Start the day right with a pick me up at Mrs. Little's Tea Shop. You can enjoy your coffee while you shop


  • Stroll through the Main Shop and our other Sister Shops


  • Walk down Main Street and visit Farm House Collection for a fun handmade product


  • Enjoy lunch at Kathy's Kitchen down the street


  • Come back and continue walking through the upstairs shops


  • Venture into Let's Make Art for all your water color and art needs


  • All that walking deserves a treat! Grab a treat from Granny's


  • Visit and learn so much at the Quilt Museum at 300 E Bird Street


  • Grab dinner at Senior Barrigas to end your night