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Are you an adventurous sewist? Explore our huge variety of fabric materials ranging from traditional quilting cottons, flannels and linen blends to specialty fabrics like cork, faux leather and vinyl. Find the perfect shade, tone, tint or print in the exact fabric material you're looking for. Browse fabric by material here at Missouri Star to make your next project extra special!

quilting cotton fabrics

Quilting Cotton

Quilting cotton is the gold standard for quality when you want your beautiful quilt to last for years. These 100% cotton fabrics are known for their density, and the best quilting fabrics will have a stiff texture and high thread count.

quilting cotton fabric


Canvas fabric is a 100% cotton plain weave fabric that is best known for its durability. Canvas fabric comes in several different weights, and our current selection ranges from medium weight (7-8 oz.) to heavy weight (10 oz.).

flannel fabrics


Cozy up with soft & snuggly cotton flannel fabrics at Missouri Star! Browse beautiful basics, pleasing plaids, and other colorful prints in our flannel fabric selection.


linen and linen blend fabrics

Linen Fabrics

Lightweight linen fabric is a summer staple you can enjoy year-round! Most of our linen blend fabrics are a luxurious blend of 50% linen and 50% cotton. Enjoy the best of both worlds with these soft and versatile fibers, all in one fabric.


double gauze fabrics

Double Gauze Fabric

Easy, breezy double gauze fabrics are lightweight fabrics with an open weave. As the name would imply, double gauze fabric is made with two layers of cotton gauze fabric that's basted together to form a subtle grid which binds these two lighter layers together.

chambray and denim fabrics

Chambray & Denim

Denim fabric is always in style, along with its lighter weight counterpart, chambray! Our cotton denim fabric drapes beautifully and can be used for clothing, quilting and home decor projects.Choose from classic blues, dyed colors, or subtle prints like dotted swiss or herringbone in our selection of denim fabric fabric by the yard.

faux leather fabrics

Faux Leather

Faux leather fabric adds a touch of luxury to your project for a fraction of the cost! Also known as synthetic leather, leatherette, or vegan leather, these fabrics are excellent alternatives to genuine leather. They are soft, pliable, and easy to work with, requiring very little maintenance compared to real leather.

cork fabrics

Cork Fabric

Cork fabrics are are sustainable, washable, and easy-to-use alternative to leather. We carry high-quality cork fabric that is produced directly from the bark of the cork oak tree and undergoes a long process to ensure that all of the qualities of raw cork are retained. Each thin cork sheet is finished with a non-toxic sealant and then adhered to a fabric support backing for durability and ease of use.

fleece fabrics


Warm and wonderful, fleece fabrics are a must-have for winter projects. Cuddle up in softness with our selection of fleece fabric by the yard in a variety of styles, colors and themes.


cuddle and minky fabrics

Minky & Cuddle Fabric

Minky & Cuddle fabrics make the world a softer place! Cuddle minky fabric is a plush knit fabric made from 100% polyester microfibers for incredible softness. Browse cuddle luxe, solids, prints, faux fur, plush minky fabric, and embossed dimple designs.

vinyl fabrics

Vinyl Fabric

Vinyl (also known as polyvinyl chloride, or PVC for short) is a manufactured fiber made from plastic. Viny fabrics are waterproof, easy to clean and extremely durable. Vinyl material has many uses, from determining appliqué or embroidery placement, to lining purses and totes & more!

kraft-tex paper fabrics

Kraft-Tex Paper Fabric

This unique paper materials looks like leather but washes like fabric! Kraft-tex paper fabrics come in a spectrum of beautiful colors, from natural to hand-dyed.