Creating a Quilted Home Book

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Creating a Quilted Home Book

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Make each day extraordinary with Creating a Quilted Home--25 Table Runners and Toppers to Make Each Day Joyful. A table runner or table topper is a quick project that adds an easy pop of color and style to your home. Creating table runners for holidays or festive events in your life can become a beloved tradition that sets the tone for a celebration. And why wait for a special occasion? Infuse your home with beauty each and every day of the year. It’s all up to you!

Inside the pages of this inspiring book you’ll discover gorgeous table runner and table topper projects, plus a few bonuses you’ll only find here, for a total of 25 projects! From tried and true Missouri Star favorites to fresh new designs, plus articles on stash busting, binding, and machine quilting, there’s so much to learn and enjoy.

From our table to yours, this table runner book is a welcome departure from time-consuming full size quilts. Expand your repertoire and adorn your home with cozy quilted style you can enjoy all year ‘round. Fill each day with creativity and find out what you can create with Missouri Star Quilt Company.

25 Projects

Brand: Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Designer: Missouri Star Quilt Co.

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