July 14, 2022

Project Happy: Mini Projects to Boost Your Mood - How Do You Create Joy?

Right now, those fabric scraps are more precious to us than ever. Luckily, us quilters are resourceful. Despite the crazy times the world has thrown us these past couple of years, we've been able to take messy piles of prints and colors and turn them into extraordinary quilts, runners, totes, and to our surprise... even face masks! Who would have thought us sewists would play such a crucial role during a worldwide pandemic? Now, despite all that is still happening in the world, we have the opportunity once again to play a role and it's simple - create moments of joy for ourselves and those we love!


We're on a mission to keep everyone inspired to create, not just by sitting at our sewing machines, but also by sharing ways to make little moments of joy as we adjust to all the new changes in our lives. For the last few months, we've shared easy scrap projects that won’t break the bank. Today, we'd like to share a few more of our favorites + fun ideas on how you find joy in the little things. We're all in this together!

Share Joy with the Cottage Stars Table Runner

Break out your stash and make one for you and a friend today!

Spread Joy with Easy Fabric Flowers

Make the room bloom during any occasion - or just because! This cute project will make anyone smile.

Keep Shining with the Sunny Skies Quilt

Keep cozy, have a picnic, or hang for delight! The Sunny Skies Quilt is a joyous sight.


Get inspired by these heartfelt customer stories.
Each and every one of you are amazing!

Ana B. shared this beautiful story: "One of our precious church members was recently in an accident which meant that she was unable to walk and confined to a wheelchair during her recovery process. This is the same sweet lady has spent the last several decades making quilts for each baby in our church.
Of course those babies didn’t stay little. Those same kids that had once been wrapped in those baby quilts wanted to show Mrs L that she was missed and loved. So we stitched up the the X’s and O’s block to send her some love."

Nathaniel L. recently lost his first tooth which he used for the inspiration to finish his first real project - a tooth pillow! He drew the design, had his mom appliqué the front and then he sewed and stuffed his pillow all by himself. Way to go, Nathaniel!

Terry A. stitched together this beautiful red, white, and blue quilt together for veteran patients of Hosperus Health after hearing a request for quilts for their military patients on the news one evening. Gorgeous work, Terry!


"Happiness is not something you find, but rather something you create."

When I am seeking joy or trying to decompress I like to:

1) Walk, nothing clears my head and removes stress like walking.

2) When in the car, I play words with friends! I love scrabble and word games. They say it is good for the brain!  

3) In the evenings, I will curl up and read a book about someone else’s busy life to stop me stressing about my own. By the end of the book it will all be worked out.    

Jenny Doan
Quilter/Author/YouTube Personality

It’s the simple things for me:

Going on walks and spending time with my family, tending to my garden & houseplants, I also find much joy floating in my kiddie pool and pretending I’m in a big body of water at a tropical oasis!

Alex Meinders
Graphic Design Manager

I find my happy in the following ways:

1) Cooking - I love to try new recipes and explore new flavors. I turn on my favorite playlists and get lost in trying to perfect each new dish.

2) Reading - I'm a big reader and always have been. It's incredibly peaceful and relaxing to find some quiet time to learn something new.  

3) Camping - I work in social media so I'm literally on my phone 24/7. My all time favorite thing to do is shut my phone off and get out in nature. Finding some peace and quiet and exploring the natural beauty that the world has to offer is unrivaled.

Dalton Gentry
Social Media Specialist

After a busy day, here's how I like to reset:

1. Read a good book. I've always been an avid reader and I love to get lost in a great story.

2. Curl up in my hammock at the end of the day and watch my kids play in the back yard. Bonus points if I can watch the sunset at the same time. It's truly one of my happy places. Taking that time outside always fills me up and makes me so grateful for my good life.

3. Go on a road trip. Whether it's just driving around on the back roads on a Saturday morning, or heading out on an adventure with the family, there's something magical about the open road and your favorite songs blaring on the radio.

Misty Doan
Designer and Host of At Home with Misty

There are so many things I do to seek joy, but lately it's been:

1) Playing Sudoku - it allows me to shift my focus and feel a small sense of satisfaction and accomplishment each time I complete a box.

2) Turning on my favorite playlist, grabbing my kids, and having a dance party while making yummy snacks in our kitchen! It brings joy to us all plus creates a memory to last a lifetime.

3) Eating apples! The taste of a juicy, sweet apple brings instant joy in any moment.  

Marissa Swearngin
Senior Email Marketing Manager

Scheduling joy is an important part of each week for me - without joy, life can feel challenging! But, the best moments of joy are those that are spontaneous and spur-of-the-moment:

1. A last-minute cookie baking party with my daughter, because it fills our house with cozy feelings and cozy smells.

2. A quick, 20-minute workout that gets my heart pumping. Feeling physically strong helps me to feel mentally strong, too!

3. Hearing giggles and laughter from my two kiddos. Although they are many years apart, they have the sweetest bond with one another!

Ashley Malik
Director of Publishing

When I need to relax or take some time for myself I like to head for some water. It could be a pool, river, lake, or the ocean. Water is soothing to my soul, and I love to be outdoors immersed in nature. I also enjoy reading. I'll make myself a cup of tea and sit down with a good book for a few quiet moments to myself. And honestly sometimes a nap is just the thing. It could be on my couch or in a hammock, but a little rest is always welcome.

Natalie Earnheart
Educator and Executive Editor of BLOCK Magazine

1. I find that working on a puzzle and putting on some music relieves stress and relaxes me while keeping my mind engaged and focused.

2. When I need to completely disconnect for a bit, my cat likes to curl up in my lap and enjoy a good flick. We grab a blanket and snacks, and allow ourselves to be completely immersed and entertained.

3. With family and friends all over the country, online games are a great opportunity to spend quality time with the ones I love. We catch up with each other, act ridiculous, and just have fun. It’s the next best thing to being there in person.

Alexandra Noto
Software Developer

What's Your Happy?

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