Machine Quilting At Home

Are you confident finishing your own quilts yet? We’re here to help you finally learn how to machine quilt at home on your own sewing machine. Machine quilting for beginners is just a matter of some training, the right tools, and gaining a bit of confidence! Beautifully finished quilts are within your reach. Let’s get started!

free motion quilting for beginners

Free Motion Quilting E-Class

This full-length online class by HollyAnne Knight is all about free motion quilting for beginners! She will teach you three machine quilting designs for beginners: an all-over meander, a lovely swirl, and a simple switchback. Gain confidence as you learn how to free motion quilt on a home machine!

Beginning Free Motion Quilting
with Rulers E-Class

This online class by Patsy Thompson is all about machine quilting with rulers. She’ll teach you how to customize your quilting designs and build borders for beautiful patterns. Learn from a master quilter and develop a practical set of ruler skills that you can combine in endless ways.

Books & CDs

Get inspired to finish your quilts in a variety of ways with these handy resources. From books on traditional hand stitching to machine quilting, there’s many ways to create quilts at home.

Quilt Stencils
& Pounce Pad

These fool-proof stencils take the guesswork out of machine quilting designs. Simply stencil them to your quilt and stitch the lines.

Quilt Stipples
& Pantographs

Machine quilting is now easier then ever with perfect results! No marking! Just stick, stitch and tear way.

Sewing Machines & Accessories

Turn your domestic home sewing machine into a free motion quilting machine. Upgrade to a new machine today or just stock up on quilting needles or other accessories to get started!

Or is slow and steady your favorite way to quilt?

For hand quilting aficionados, we have a lovely selection of items to make your experience go as smoothly as possible.