Everyone has their own journey when it comes to quilting and that's exactly the beauty of it!

Take the quiz below to find your unique quilting style today. After you get your results, scroll down the page to find which quilter you are and click on the link to get started making something suited just for you!


Find your style below and click on the link to get started!

Modern Master ➤

You love pushing the boundaries of quilting with new techniques, bold designs, and you have a flair for choosing stylish fabric.

Suggested tutorials for you:
Morning Star ▶
Half-Hexi Projects ▶

Paper Piecing Pro ➤

You enjoy putting together charming quilt blocks with fussy cut designs and have an incredible eye for detail. Hand sewing is a pleasure for you.

Suggested tutorials for you:
Periwinkle ▶
Quatro Color ▶

Eclectic Artist ➤

Making anything with fabric fuels your creativity and your quilts are definitely unique! They might be any style, but they're definitely fun. Give our geometric prints and patterns a try!

Suggested tutorials for you:
Cute Camper ▶
Sew Inspired ▶

Appliqué Afficionado ➤

Taking the time to finish a quilt block with care is your specialty. You love creating quilts with original designs and hand-stitched details. We believe you'll find something you love in our appliqué shop!

Suggested tutorials for you:
Orange Peel ▶
From the Heart ▶

Scrappy Champion ➤

You wouldn't dare throw a single piece of fabric away! All scraps are your friend and you transform them into beautiful quilts with ease.

Suggested tutorials for you:
Stars & Stitches ▶
Tiny House ▶

Tried-and-True Traditionalist ➤

For you, quilting is an art form and your quilts are finished perfectly. You love antique quilts and recreating designs from the past is one of your passions.

Suggested tutorials for you:
Simple Log Cabin ▶
Milestones ▶