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Send a personalized electronic gift card to the quilter who has everything. Select a greeting card to fit the message, holiday or event. Record a personalized video for that special touch. You can also schedule the gift card to be delivered on that holiday morning or special day.

A gift card from MSQC is perfect for the quilter who has everything!Missouri Star Quilt gift cards are like a quilt shop in your pocket! Use your quilt gift card to shop thousands of fabrics & notions online or in town.


Please select gift card denomination and press design and checkout

How it works
(6 easy steps to do)

Step 1

First, you'll just Pick your amount

Select the amount to put on the gift card and click the big “Send Gift Card” button

Step 2

Then pick the design that you love

Pick from our little collection of designs the one that fits your message, special occasion, or holiday.

Step 3

Put in the recipients information

Enter the recipients name, their email and your name (sender). That's all we need to work our magic.

Step 4

Send now or schedule it to be sent later

You can have the gift card send immediately or you can schedule the gift card to be sent on the morning of that special day or holiday.

Step 5

Add a note to the gift (optional)

Enter a personalized note to go along with your lovely gift. Something like "who else loves you enough to gift you fabric"

Step 6

Record a video to go with (optional)

Check your hair, make sure your shirt is on right side out, hit record and send a video along with your card in the email they'll get.

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You know why people love to give gift cards? Because they're the best gifts. You don't have to know exactly what I'd pick out, but you know what I love. You're not giving me a gift card to walmart or amazon, because that would say “I know you well enough to know you have a face” - no, you're giving a Missouri Star Quilt Co gift card! That's a gift that says “I know you have impeccable taste, you believe in the power of dance and great game shows on tv, you love fabric, art and passion. YOU are the greatest person on this planet we call Earth”

And you know what, you're right. So get em this card, show them you really know them, you really know what tickles the ole fancy, and make someones day great

Why is a gift card the greatest thing since sliced bread?

Sliced bread was invented in Chillicothe MO, the town right down the road. Trust us, a gift card for quilting fabric is way better

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