March 14, 2022

Butterfly Themed Quilt & Sewing Projects

March 14 is National Learn About Butterflies Day, so let’s get right to it:
  • Butterflies taste with their feet. (Careful where you step, little bug!)
  • Butterflies can’t fly when it’s chilly. (Perhaps they stay inside with a favorite quilt and a teeny cup of butterfly tea!)
  • A group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope! (How cute is that?!)
Now that we’re experts, it’s time to start sewing!

Butterfly Quilt Projects

Wrap yourself in patchwork wings with a pretty new butterfly quilt!

Baskets and Butterflies is the perfect Easter quilt pattern. A single applique butterfly flutters among a sea of pieced basket blocks. This lovely springtime quilt is made easy with precut layer cake squares.

Butterfly House Quilt positions dozens of dainty butterfly blocks around a cute-as-can-be butterfly house. This quilt is a perfect choice for your favorite gardener or lepidopterist. (That’s a fancy word for butterfly lover!)

Strip Butterflies is an elegant choice for your favorite jelly roll. Whip up a flock of colorful butterflies with quick and easy strip sets, and use the scraps for a show-stopping pieced border!

Butterfly Sewing Projects

Create a home-stitched butterfly sewing project for your favorite kids and babies.

Tummy time is much more fun with the Flutter the Butterfly Quilt and Play Mat Panel by World of Susybee. Baby will love the bright colors and cheery butterflies, dragonflies, and flowers!

Create butterfly wings with Laura Piland in the video tutorial below. Pick up a copy of BLOCK volume 9 issue 2 for the full pattern!


The Butterfly Wings pattern by Creative Abundance will inspire hours of magical dress-up play. This beautiful butterfly costume can be made in a variety of sizes—you can even sew little butterfly wings for dolls!

The Flutter the Butterfly collection also includes a charming fabric storybook panel, so you can stitch up a soft, snuggly book that can be read, cuddled, and loved by even the tiniest reader.

With breathtaking colors and intricate patterns, butterflies and quilts are a match made in heaven!

So take a stroll through our prettiest butterfly fabrics and patterns. These tiny, winged beauties will add plenty of charm to your next quilting or sewing project!

Written by Danae M.