August 30, 2022

Tips & Tricks for Sewing with Vinyl

We have a new addition to our Missouri Star product family! To add to your bag sewing toolbox, we have developed Missouri Star Fancy Vinyl. This incredibly supple vinyl fabric comes in two solid colors, gray and teal, two glitter vinyls, pink and clear, and two MSQC sewing themed vinyls.

To set you up for success, we have compiled a few vinyl sewing tips and tricks:

Storage: It’s easier to cut and sew with vinyl material if it is flat with no wrinkles or creases. Store your fabric vinyl rolled if possible.

Do not iron! Steam or use a low heat from a blow dryer. For finishing seams, you can finger press seam or use a seam roller. You can also use a blow dryer or steam to remove creases or wrinkles at any time during the project.

No pins! It will leave holes in the vinyl. Use clips or seam tape. Some great products we recommend are Wash-a-Way Wonder Tape and Eversewn Water Soluble Adhesive Tape.

Marking Vinyl: Some fabric markers may not erase; check first. Chalk instead is a great alternative to use on vinyl material.

Sewing Machine Foot: Preferably use a teflon foot, roller foot, or walking foot. If you don’t have these, you can place a piece of masking tape on the bottom of your presser foot. After applying the masking tape, make sure to clear the needle area. You can also use tissue paper between your presser foot and your project.

Sewing Machine Needle: Denim needles work great, but are not required.

Stitch Length: Increase your stitch length to a 3.0. Too many holes will weaken and cause the vinyl to rip at the seams. Zig Zag when possible.

Vinyl fabric doesn't unravel so you don’t have to worry about fraying seams.

In addition to the vinyl bag sewing patterns that we already have, we have added two more vinyl bag patterns using our MSQC quilting templates. Make sure to check them out and share your vinyl bag sewing projects using #msqcshowandtell!

Published by Danae M.