September 8, 2023

Ultimate Guide: Block of the Month Quilt Kits

Quilting Block of the Month programs are the best-kept secret in quilting, and we’re here to spill the beans.

A Block of the Month (or BOM) is a quilting subscription. Big, beautiful projects are broken into bite-size pieces. These quilt block kits are mailed at a nice easy pace, giving you plenty of time to complete each block before the next arrives. They’re easy on the wallet, too. BOM quilt kits offer affordable month-by-month payments.

Each Block of the Month kit is a magical quilting adventure, and we want you to join the fun!

How Quilting Block of the Month Kits Work

When you sign up for a Quilt Block of the Month program, something magical happens. A neat little package shows up on your doorstep, filled with everything needed to make the first block. After that, you’ll receive a new shipment every month until the quilt is complete.

Month by month, your quilt will grow at a delightfully easy pace. And when you’re done? Well, that’s the best part! Our machine quilting masters are ready to add a well-deserved professional finish to your patchwork masterpiece.

Why Join a Quilt BOM Program?

Quilters are givers. We use our time and talents to make gifts and donations. Truly, it’s a labor of love. But with all that giving, it sure feels nice to have a project that is just for YOU. A Block of the Month quilt is a gift to yourself—and boy, do you deserve it.

You’ll love the easy pace of a quilt BOM. Each month brings a single block, allowing you to enjoy the journey without burnout or overwhelm.

You’ll be empowered to stretch your skills and cultivate new talents. Conquering challenging blocks and tricky techniques is sew much easier one tiny step at a time. Block by block, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

As a special treat, consider gifting a Block of the Month subscription to a friend so you can work on your quilts together. A monthly “quilting date” really is a dream come true.

How to Choose Your Perfect Block of the Month Kit

Block of the Month quilts are as diverse as the quilters who make them. How do you decide which to order?

Scroll through our collection of BOM quilt kits. What jumps out? Which colors and patterns draw your eye? You know yourself better than anyone else. Trust your gut!

Notice the difficulty, cost, and number of blocks. Are you ready to challenge yourself with advanced techniques? Is the price right? How many months will it take to complete? You may be surprised to see how varied the choices can be.

When you’ve found your perfect “Block of the Month”, rejoice! The fun is about to begin.

Getting Started with Your First BOM Quilt Kit

A new Block of the Month brings a lot of excitement to the sewing room. Don’t let it fizzle out!

Make a plan. Set aside time each month to fully complete your “homework”. Don’t let those monthly blocks pile up unfinished; savor the sweetness of this leisurely style of quilting. Slow. Intentional. Joyful.

If you get stuck or start to lose steam, don’t worry! You belong to the world’s largest sewing guild. Turn to quilters across the globe. They’re happy to help, and you can find them all hours of the day in our Missouri Star online Quilter’s Forum and All Stars Facebook group. Knowledge, kindness, and encouragement are just a click away.

What Other Quilters are Saying


"I learn something new every month and I can’t wait for the next block!" - Wendy W (Piecemaker)

"I love that I can take my own time to get one month finished at my own pace, and I have more months of squares waiting for me when I finish the previous one." - Brooke L (Lady Tulip)

"I really like doing a Block of the Month project, because it sometimes seems less stressful than doing a whole quilt all at once. Also, I get to look forward to a surprise each month" - Felicia C (American Glory)


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Published by Danae M.