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Make Storm at Sea "Tsunami" Quilt with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star

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Finished Size: 56" x 56"

Jenny Doan demonstrates how to make a BIG Storm at Sea quilt block using 10 inch squares of precut fabric. Her layer cake fabric is Tonga Treats Batiks - Honor 10" Squares Tonga Treats by Timeless Treasures. The Tsunami pattern was designed by Deonn Stott for Quiltscapes. Like a traditional Storm at Sea, this quilt is made up of simple squares, diamonds, and triangles. All the seams are easy and straight, but a clever layout gives the illusion of curvy, rolling waves.

Tutorial Resources

Layout PDF (Download PDF)

The Supplies List

1 Pack
10" Squares (Layer Cakes)
1 Yard
Fabric by the Yard
0.5 Yard
Fabric by the Yard
3.5 Yard
Fabric by the Yard

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Tsunami Quilt Pattern Primary Image



Tsunami Quilt Pattern

Large Storm at Sea, Tsunami Template Primary Image



Large Storm at Sea, Tsunami Template