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Layer cakes are curated bundles of 10" squares of coordinating precut quilt fabric from a designer's collection. Make quilting a piece of cake with our wide selection of quilting 10" squares in a variety of colors, themes & styles from top fabric designers. Use the filters below to buy layer cake fabric right here.   read more

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10" Squares (Layer Cakes)

Layer cake fabrics are popular among quilters and sewing enthusiasts because they provide a convenient way to get a variety of coordinated fabrics from a specific fabric collection at a price that’s easy on your budget. You can use layer cake fabric right out of the package, or cut each piece into smaller squares if you prefer. When you don’t want to compromise on cost, convenience, or variety, purchase layer cake fabric to stock your stash with delicious designs. Layer cake fabrics are a quick & easy way to make big beautiful quilts!

What Are Layer Cake Fabrics?

Put simply, layer cakes are 10” fabric squares that are precut into the exact right size you need! The term “Layer Cake Fabric” was coined by Moda, but it is also sometimes used to refer to all precut 10” fabric squares. You can buy layer cake fabric in a wide variety of colors, prints, and fabric types, from quilting cotton to cozy flannel!

Many fabric manufacturers have their own creative names for layer cake fabrics, but “layer cake” tends to be more commonly used. You’ve probably seen a smaller version of quilt layer cakes before called “Charm Packs.” The difference between these two precuts is simply the size, with Charm packs measuring 5” x 5” square, whereas fabric layer cakes measure 10” x 10” square. When you buy layer cake fabric, you get a sweet treat for your sewing room!

Quilt layer cake squares are perfect for creating a variety of patchwork designs, quilt blocks, and other sewing projects. Since the fabrics in a layer cake fabric bundle are already coordinated, they can be easily mixed and matched to achieve a cohesive and harmonious appearance in the final project. Fabric layer cakes are especially popular for creating large quilt blocks, as the 10-inch size allows for more intricate designs and quicker assembly.

How Much Fabric is in a Quilt Layer Cake?

You may be wondering about how much fabric you'll get when you purchase layer cakes for quilting. Most layer cake fabric bundles include a total of forty-two 10" fabric squares, but sometimes the amount of fabric varies depending on the manufacturer. Get straight to sewing when you buy layer cakes for quilting - no need to spend your valuable time measuring and cutting!

For quilters who haven’t sewn with layer cake fabrics and are curious about the size of quilt they can make, we have the answer for you! Typically, (not including borders) a single pack of quilt layer cake squares is enough to make a twin quilt. When you buy layer cakes for quilting, keep in mind that you'll need more to make a larger quilt - two precut layer cakes will make a queen quilt, and so on.

Where Can I Buy Layer Cakes?

Whether you prefer to shop in person at one of our 13 themed fabric shops in Hamilton, MO, or wish to browse online, you can purchase layer cake fabrics for your next project at great prices! We think you’ll be amazed at what you can create with quilting layer cakes from Missouri Star!

If you need even more ideas of what you can make with layer cake fabrics, check out our layer cake quilting tutorial collection here to get inspired to create an amazing quilting project with fabric layer cakes!