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Domestic Orders

$5 flat shipping on all orders up to $99.99 (you liked this, we listened, we kept it) FREE shipping on all orders over $100! (this is one of the best shipping rates going, period)

International Shipping

We try to keep international shipping simple at MSQC. We offer three flat rates, depending on order size:

Order Size - Shipping Rate

  • Orders up to $100 - Ship for $25 flat
  • Orders from $100-$200 - Ship for $35 flat
  • Orders $200 or more - Ship for $40 flat! *BEST VALUE*

The tiers are calculated based on order size before the cost of shipping is applied. For example, if Jane from Australia makes an order for $195, during checkout an additional $35 flat shipping rate will be charged, making her total order cost $230.

Oh Canada Rates, eh :)

For our friends north of the border, we'll keep it simple, eh. All Canadian orders ship for $20 flat. So grab your favourite (ya, that's right, we spelled favoUrite the Canadian way) Tim Horton's beverage and bowl of poutine, and kick back and relax while you order 'til your heart's content :)

Shipping Method

We ship our international packages using USPS Priority Mail (or International Flat Rate). We have used First Class in the past, but have found that a lot of packages got lost, or took much longer to get to their destination. Also, Priority Mail in most cases offers better tracking (the level of tracking depends on the destination country).

Customs, Duties & Taxes

Occasionally, our international customers have had to pay extra fees for customs, duties and taxes. These extra fees vary widely from country to county. Since we have no control over potential extra charges levied by destination countries, we highly recommend that you research the policies specific to your country. Also, when customs clearance procedures are necessary, delays can be caused that will increase the time it takes to arrive. Although duties and customs are beyond our control, we do shed a tear for those who experience them. Seriously.


Buyer's Remorse

Our products may be returned for a store credit within 30 days of original purchase, provided they are unopened and in "like-new" condition. Any shipping on returns will be at the expense of the buyer. The returned goods must include a copy of the receipt, your e-mail address, shipping address and phone number.

Items sold as a part of a daily deal are "final sale". Since they are offered at a deep discount, we will not refund these items. Feel free to resell them on eBay if you'd like; you'll probably make a profit!

Damaged goods

Even though most of our products are not susceptible to damage during the shipping process, if you receive damaged items, we will replace them. The buyer will ship them to MSQC along with a description of the damage and will be reimbursed for the shipping costs. An identical (where available) replacement item will be sent to the buyer at no additional cost. Obviously, with fabric, sometimes the item will no longer be available, in which case we will do our best to replace it with a similar item. As stated above, all returns must include the original receipt, your e-mail address, shipping address and phone number.


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The MSQC Team

* Does not apply to wholesale orders