Natalie Earnheart

Meet Natalie, the remarkable host of The Final Stitch. She was taught how to sew by her mom, of course, and began quilting when she grew up. Natalie enjoys hanging out with her five amazing children and dreaming up new quilt designs. Along with sewing, she also loves painting and working with stained glass. And she’s quite the cook! Just ask the kids. For newcomers to quilting, Natalie says, “Don't be afraid to try something new. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. There’s a world of creative possibilities, try a different technique or style and learn to create what makes you happy.”

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Making Quilt Labels & How to Hang Your Quilts

Final Stitch Episodes

Basting Basics - 3 Ways to Baste Your Quilt

Learn how pins, stitches, and fusibles can get you ready to get quilting that Final Stitch!

Seam Ripping 101

Don't fear the ripper! Natalie walks through what a seam ripper looks like, how it works, and how to use it.

How to Bind Curves and Circles

What's the trick to finishing a curve or circle? Bias binding! Natalie shows how to cut and assemble bias binding from your favorite fabrics, then how to apply that bias binding to your curved corners, scalloped borders, or total circles.

Using Inherited Quilt Blocks

Do you have a pile of pretty blocks you’re not sure how to finish? Natalie has 3 ways to use orphaned or inherited blocks.

Make Quilts Bigger with Beautiful Borders

We're talking about how to grow your quilt with borders to the size you'd love it to be.

Cutting Tips for Yardage and Precuts

See how to cut fabric from your stash to add to precuts you love!

Adding a Machine Binding

Natalie teaches flange binding with your sewing machine to finish your quilt beautifully and oh-so-fast!

Use Decorative Stitches on Your Quilt

Natalie shares some delightful decorative stitches to use when quilting on your home machine.

Make and Attach a Quilt Label

You've asked so many great labeling questions and Natalie is ready to tackle a few as she shows three ways to label your quilts.

Straight Line Quilting at Home

Natalie teaches stitch-in-the-ditch quilting and also offers some tips for making straight line quilting at home fun and easy!

How to Add Tabs and Sleeves to Hang Your Quilt

Natalie shows you three ways to prepare your quilt for wall hanging as you finish binding it with tabs and sleeves.

Trimming and Squaring Up Your Quilt

Learn easy tips and tricks to getting a beautifully squared quilt - all four corners!

Batting Basics and How to Join Batting Scraps

Natalie walks us through materials, feel, drape, and why to choose the right batting for your projects.

Finishing Your Quilt with Beautiful Pieced Backings

Learn how to seam yardage, tips for lining up large print patterns, and how to use blocks, stripes, and multiple fabrics to back your quilts with fun, flair, and that final stitch!

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