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2020 vol 7

Issue 1

Window Box

Page 69-71:


The illustrations 4A, 4B, 4C, the full quilt illustration and photos 5 and 6 show the snowballed corners meeting in the center of the block, which is incorrect. All snowballed corners should be on the outside edges of each block.


Issue 2

Ruby Star Pattern

Page 15:


4B Diagram should look like this.



Disappearing Nine-Patch Windowpane

Page 68-71:


Should read as follows:

From the remaining (9) 1½" background strips, cut each into (2)16" strips for a total of (18) 16" sashing strips.




The fourth paragraph should read as follows:  Make 27 pieced strips.

2019 vol 6






Early Winter


Links within this issue should read:

Soup Bowl Cozy

Diagram labels missing, should read:

2018 vol 5






Early Winter

2017 vol 4


Super Easy Hour Glass

Pages 86:


Should Read:

#5 stepout - Open the units and press. Square each to 6¼".

Cornered Drunkard's Path Corrections

Pages 68:


Should Read:


(9) 7¾" strips across the width of the fabric. Subcut each of the strips into (5) 7¾" squares for a total of 42 squares.


Note: If you have already cut the solid fabric into 7½" squares, use the template provided to cut the circles rather than the ruler. Trace the template onto a folded piece of freezer paper to make the correct size. The circle will not quite measure 7½" but will work nicely.


Fuse, mark, and cut

Press the sold squares to the fusible web and trim the fusible evenly with the edges of each square. Place the Easy Circle Cut Ruler on the paper backing and draw a half circle using the 7" slot. Fold the square in half and cut on the drawn line. When you unfold the piece, you will have a 7½" circle.

Simple Diamonds

Pages 78:


We had a numbering issue with this. The number 3 was left out but all the text was right.


Story Quilt

Page 92:


Should read as follows:

A total of 64 are needed.


Kindred Pinwheel

Page 45:


In the illustrations labeled 3A. Rather than showing a large, solid triangle on the right, we should have shown that piece with a white strip on the bottom (see illustrations 2B and 3B).

Summer Notes

Page 100:


Ribbon Dance Supplies is listed twice, once under the proper place and again on Summer Notes page 100

Summer Notes Supplies


57" X 57"


16" finished


2 packages 5" print squares

2 packages 5" background squares

or 1½ yards


1 yard


¾ yard


3¾ yards - vertical seam(s)


Garden Stars

Page 55:

We have an error in the diagram of the quilt. All center squares should be navy blue.


Take Flight

Page 50:

Under the fabric requirements for backing, it should say 2½ yards 90" wide.


Page 66:

(7) 6" strips across the width of the fabric

  • subcut each strip into (6) 6" squares for a total of 42. Set 2 squares aside for another project and cut the remaining 40 squares from corner to corner once on the diagonal to make 80 triangles.

Early Winter

2016 vol 3




Page 80:

The fabric requirements and quilt size given on page 84 reflect the diagram provided on page 85. The photo of the quilt on pages 82 and 91 show an inner border and a larger outer border and we regret that we did not provide the information needed for them.

If you would like to make your quilt with the borders as shown in the photo, you will need ¾ yard of fabric for the 2" finished inner border and a 1¼ yards for the 5" finished outer border. (Refer to the Construction Basics on page 100 for Border Instructions.)

The fabric requirements also change to 5 yards - vertical seam(s) for the backing.

The size of the quilt will change to 71" x 80½".




Early Winter

2015 vol 2


Hit The Mark!

Pages 12 & 93:


Should read:

5½ yards background solid

Binding Tool Star

Pages 44 & 90:


Should Read:

Binding - ¾ yard coordinating fabric

Backing - 7 yards coordinating fabric

Spring Dresdens

Pages 84 & 98:

Should Read:
Quilt Top - ¾ yard for flower pots

Inner Border - ½ yard solid

Outer Border - 1¼ yards

Binding - ¾ yard coordinating fabric





Pages 41:


Should read:

6 borders

From the inner border fabric cut (8) 2½" WOF strips. Follow steps in construction basics to attach to the quilt. A-D Press to the borders.

Cut (9) 6½" WOF strips of outer border fabric. Attach to the quilt in the same manner as the inner border.


7 quilt & bind

Layer quilt top on batting and backing and quilt the way you like. Square up all raw edges.

Cut (10) 2½" WOF strips from binding fabric to finish. See con­struction basics for greater detail.

Holiday Tree Runner

Pages 48 & 101:


Backing should be:

¾ yd coordinating fabric

Dresden Tree

Pages 57:


Download the tree-topper template here

Woven Patches

Pages 64 & 105:


Should Read:

1½ yds background solid for ...

Winter Pines

Pages 72 & 104:


Should Read:

1½ yds outer border

Late Summer

Tumbler Chevron

Pages 52 & 98:


Should read:

4 packages (42 ct.) 5” squares

Under the Stars

Pages 99:


Backing should be:

5 yds fabric



Jack and Jill

Pages 12 & 13:


1 sew and cut

Each strip set will yield enough triangles to make four blocks. Two will have the reverse coloration of the other two.

Should Read:

Each strip set will yield enough triangles to make four blocks. Two will have the reverse coloration of the others.


2 make blocks

Select 4 triangles and sew them together as shown. Notice the white pieces form an X. Make 84.

Select 4 triangles and sew them together as shown. Notice the print pieces make up the X. Make 84.

Hunter's Star

Pages 76 & 95:


Should Read:


4 packages print 5" squares

Flock Geese

Pages 84 & 93:


Should Read:


1 package (42 ct.) print 10" squares

1 package (42 ct.) light 10" squares

2014 vol 1


Mini Periwinkle

Pages 20:


6¾" yards of background fabric


Cut (96) 2½" strips across the width of the background fabric

  • subcut each strip into (12) 3½" rectangles. The total of 1144 remains the same.

Disappearing Pinwheel Shoofly

Pages 55:


Pieced Border

From the background fabric, cut:

(3) 5 ¾" strips across the width of the fabric.

Subcut the strips into:

(16) 2½" x 5¾" rectangles

(22) 3" x 5¾" rectangles


For top and bottom borders: piece 8 pinwheels and (9) 2½" x 5¾" rectangle strips together. Start and end with a rectangle. Make 2. Attach to quilt top and bottom.

For both sides: Use 11 pinwheels with (10) 3" wide rectangles between them – (trim 3" to 2¾" for an exact fit). Begin and end with a pinwheel. Make 2. Attach to either side of the quilt.


Note: Not everyone uses a perfect ¼" seam allowance so pieced borders sometimes have to be adjusted. If the border you are using is a little too short, take out a few seams and resew using a scant ¼" seam allowance. You’ll want to do that in several places so it won’t be noticeable. If the pieced border is too long, take in the seam allowance in several places.

Outer Border

Cut (8) 2½" strips across the width of the background fabric. Sew the strips together end-to-end to make one long strip. Trim the borders from this strip.


Refer to Borders (pg. 104) in the Construction Basics to measure and cut the outer borders. The strips are approximately 86½" for the sides and approximately 71¼" for the top and bottom.


Quilt and Bind

Layer the quilt with batting and backing and quilt. After the quilting is complete, square up the quilt and trim away all excess batting and backing. Add binding to complete the quilt. See Construction Basics (pg. 103) for binding instructions.

Falling Charms

Pages 63:


step 1 should read:
Stitch 5 inch squares to 2½" strips


step 2 Layout says the orientation with corners in the upper right and lower left. That way the charms will fall from the upper left corner of the quilt to the bottom right like the photo on page 60. If you position the blocks as shown in photo 4 the charms will fall diagonally from the upper right to the bottom left! This isn’t a huge problem, just an inconsistency. Either layout will create a beautiful quilt.

Jacob's Ladder

Pages 84 & 97:


The light and dark colors in the materials section should both be 3½ yards for each.


Pages 36 & 100:


Should read:
makes a 70" x 75" quilt
backing: 4½ yards


Magic Diamonds

Pages 36 & 102:


Should read:


5 yds 44" wide fabric

Dresden Coin

Pages 52 & 98:


Should Read:


2½ yds 90" wide

Bowtie Party

Pages 66 & 96:


Should Read:

5¾ yds 44" wide fabric OR

2½ yds 108" wide backing


Pages 66 & 96:

Should read:

Cut (640) 2½" squares from 40 background solid jelly roll


Pages 67:

Step 3

Add: Block Size: 4½" x 4½"


Step 4

Add: Block Size: 16½" x 16½"

Stained Glass quilt

Pages 91:

Step 1

Should Read:

Lay the V blocks sideways and alternate directions: right, left, right, left, and so on.


Pages 92:

Both of the diagrams are wrong. Below are the correct diagrams.


Pop Fly

Page 12:


Should read:

Step 1

Cut an additional (2) 2½" strips from the outer border fabric for a total of 42 strips.

American Classic

Page 21:


Diagram of Blue Row is incomplete

It should be like this:

Tumbler Bag

Ladies Luncheon

Page 92:

Sashing/Inner Border

Should read:

Twin 1¾ yds

Queen 3¼ yds

Simple Joys

Pages 52 & 95:


Should read:

BACKING for Queen size

7½ yds

Starlight, Starbright

Page 96:

Should read:





Page 96:

The size and backing for the Throw reads:

47" x 65"

3 yds

Should read:

51½" x 65"

3⅓ yds

Sweet Harvest

Page 98:


The chart has changed to:

Late Summer

Disappearing Hourglass

Pages 20 & 91:


Should read:


Bella Solids Bleached White

Tag Team Quilt

Pages 28, 29, & 98:

1 Cut

Should read:

Cut (36) printed charm squares You now have (144) 2½" print squares


Step 3

Should read:

Feed a small & large square pair RST...



Should read:

1 charm pack print

Chopped Block

In order to have the full 42 print Jelly Roll strips needed for the project, purchase an extra ¼ yd of the outer border fabric. Cut (2) 2½" strips to use in creating the blocks. There should be plenty of solid 2½" leftover strips from cutting “A” Sets that no additional background fabric is needed.


Page 60:

Step 2

Should read:

Begin by cutting (2) 2½" WOF strips from the outer border fabric. Add these to the print JR strips. Total: 42 WOF print strips.


Page 61:

Should Read:
(You will need to use leftovers from cutting A sets.)

Self-Binding Baby Blanket

Page 85:


Step 3

Lay the smaller inside square on top of the larger back square RST (right sides together). Start with the top. Line up the raw edges, pin the centers and continue pinning along the edge from the center out. Sew a ¼" seam from the center out, stopping ¼" before the small square’s corner. Backstitch at the end. Repeat for the other side of the seam starting in the middle. Next, repeat the process of sewing from center out on the bottom edge, lining up the center pins and raw edges. Repeat again on one side.


The larger square will “bunch” behind the smaller square and form bunny ears at the corners.


For the last side, leave a 5" opening in the middle, backstitching on both sides of the opening.


Serendipity I & II

Pages 53:


3B should say "sew ½" away"


Dresden Placemats

Pages 76 & 93:


Should read:

1 yd solid background



Hexi Gems

Pages 57:


It reads:

Position the long zig-zag-bottoms on adjacent sides of the 10" square, 1½" down from a corner.


Should read:

Position the long zig-zag-bottoms on adjacent sides of the 10" square, 1¼" down from a corner.


Lightbox - Mini Quilt

Pages 57:


3 sew unit B

Sew a black 2½" x 10¼" strip to one end of a pink 2½" x 19¼" strip. Add a black 2½" x 12½" strip to the opposite end of the pink strip Make 3. 3A


Flowers of Shirley

Page 71:


On Page 71, we had an error in Illustration 4D. The rectangle that is labeled E should have been labeled D.

We also had an error in illustration 5C. The top rectangle shown in turquoise, should have been labeled B.

Instructions for making Half Blocks, the second and third paragraphs should have referred the quilter to page 69 rather than page 3.


Outline Cross

Page 38:

Templates included in insert were drawn incorrectly.

Diagrams 4D & 4E were shown with the fabrics out of order.