The Story.

Jenny has fond memories of her grandmother, Ingrid, embroidering hundreds of intricate floral designs on recycled denim squares that a young Jenny cut.

Piecing these embroidered squares with Ingrid started Jenny’s journey into the world of quilting and embroidery! Ingrid’s Wildflowers is an heirloom kit filled with floral designs inspired by Ingrid’s beautiful handiwork. 

It contains everything you need, including helpful instruction cards, to begin embroidering your own heirlooms! Jenny’s hope is that this kit inspires you to try your hand at embroidery, understanding that when you create with your hands, your heart becomes deeply involved.

Pair Ingrid’s Wildflowers Heirloom Embroidery Kit with the Framed Squares Quilt kit to showcase all those hand-stitched blooms. Piece it like Jenny with denim squares or use your own 10” squares to make a quilt unique to you!


We are so humbled by the incredible response from you all about these kits - and can't believe that they sold out so quickly. We have more coming! Guarantee your kits from our resupply by pre-ordering now. They should ship out to you by the end of July. Thank you for loving our Ingrid's kits!



Everything you need to embroider 20 flower designs on any surface

Framed Squares Kit

A blank slate of denim and fabric ready for your embellishments

Open your kit with Natalie for a grand unveiling of Ingrid’s Wildflowers Heirloom Embroidery kit and learn how to use it! We’ll review what’s included in the kit plus a special sewing treat!


Natalie’s created a whole series of videos to support your embroidery journey. Watch and learn the 8 basic stitches used to create your 20 wildflower clusters.


Flower Design 21


Generations ago, Jenny Doan's grandmother embroidered flowers on scraps of denim. Now, Natalie and Jenny are honoring Grandma Ingrid with a quilt featuring her beloved floral designs. Watch Ingrid's Framed Squares quilt tutorial available now!